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7 Reasons to Buy Cape Coral Acreage

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral, Florida began as a pre-platted, mater-planned community. Since its founding in 1957, the city’s population has grown to more than

Land for Sale: Knowing Which Opportunity is Your Best Option

When going to by land, it’s important to understand the difference between various land options and seller types. Not only can the terminology be difficult to understand, but

Residential Land Buying Guide

Buying a plot of land and building a home is a dream for most Americans. With an abundance of residential land for sale, it’s possible to make your dream come true, but the

Where to Buy Hunting Acreage in Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska

If you’re thinking of purchasing hunting land for sale, there are only a handful of states that will give you the best value for your money. Prime hunting spots can be costly

How to Buy Acreage or Vacant Land in Arkansas

Purchasing undeveloped property has become a big trend over recent years. People are starting to gradually move back into rural areas, and make their homes in the country, as used

Finding Land for Sale in Arizona

Arizona, the state of the famous Grand Canyon, has plenty of things to see and enjoy. There are modern cities, ancient ruins, and breathtaking views of the desert. The climate is

Finding Affordable California Land for Sale

There is now cheap land for sale in California. What is the reason? There are vacant lots of land that need to be sold, so they are available at great prices. The vacant lots that

Buying Land in Texas for Investment and Retreat

Have you been thinking about purchasing a second vacation home or a house with land for sale in Texas, so you have a retreat to get away to? You are not the only person who has

How to Find Good Vacant Land for Sale in Florida

The US is one of the more popular places in the world with people looking to buy secondary homes, and that includes people buying from abroad. A lot of those people are looking to

Land for Sale in Tennessee – A Great Investment

With more than 41,000 square miles of land, the state of Tennessee is ripe with land investment opportunities. From tranquil waterfront properties to lots near the Appalachian

Land for Sale in Utah: A State With Geographical Diversity

Utah land is in abundance. The state spans nearly 85,000 miles, but is home to just 2.9 million residents as of 2013. The state is seeing a slow growth in population with 2010

Cheap Land for Sale in Colorado: A Wealth of Opportunity

Colorado is home to over 5 million people. The state’s economy has attracted many new residents in the last three years, adding over 200,000 new residents. Homes with mountain

What Are the Best Ways to Flip a Land Property?

When you buy and sell land, you want to ensure that you make a hefty return in the process. While you can buy cheap land, you always want to maximize your return on investment

Why Land Is the Best Long Term Real Estate Investment

When it comes to real estate investing, most people are more concerned with the physical structures on the property rather than the land itself. Homes and commercial buildings can

Land As A Quality Investment

Discussions of real property investment normally focus on single-family homes, multiple-family dwellings and commercial properties. Land rarely enters into the conversation, even

How to Get the Best and Cheapest Acreage for Sale Deals

Acres of land for sale allow buyers to build homes, grow their own food, own livestock or simply have privacy for their family. When a person chooses to buy land by the acre, the

How to Buy Land and Build a House

Buying land and building home may sound simple and straightforward, but the process is far more complex than you might think. We’re working under the assumption that you plan

A Few Thoughts To Consider When Looking To Buy Cheap Land For Sale

When it comes to buying cheap land for sale, there are some important facts to keep in mind before signing the final papers. With that said, many people are on a tight

The Stages of Land Development: Understanding the Investment in Land for Sale

New investors often believe that any vacant land for sale will be a sound choice. After all, land can be built up, buildings or homes can be put up, and a lot of money can be made

Buying Land: What You Need to Know When Looking For Land for Sale

A vacant plot of land can be a great investment, especially when the real estate market is somewhat unsteady. Whatever you want to do with the land, there are pitfalls

Cheap Land For Sale! Under $1,000 Full Prices

Are you tired of looking at signs that say “Land for Sale”, but knowing you can’t afford it? Purchasing land may have been a plan of yours for a long time now, but a low

Florida For Sale Land at Historically Lowest Prices

In the aftermath of what many considered the most devastating recession in this country since the great depression, opportunities to buy and invest in real estate are many;

Is it time to invest again in Real Estate?

The last few years of real estate investing have been a slow and tedious process. Deals have been available everywhere but we have all been sitting with legs crossed waiting