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What Are the Best Types of Real Estate Investments in 2017?

Want to invest in real estate this year? You’ll find that there are a lot of options available to you that allow you to make money off of real estate. Picking the absolute best

Top 10 Reasons to Start Investing in Real Estate in 2017

You’ve been thinking about investing in real estate, and it seems like a good choice for a long-term investment. But you, like millions of other people, keep putting off your

What Are Private Real Estate Auctions and Where to Find Them?

Private real estate auctions allow you to buy real estate at an auction. You’ll bid against other potential buyers, and the prices are lower than when trying to buy a traditional

Building A Lake Home - What You Need to Know

Nothing beats the serenity and beauty of lakefront home. The views are out of this world, and there’s something peaceful about the sound and sight of water. But if you plan on

Received Inherited Property Documents? Here's What to Do Next

Most people are under the impression that inheriting property is a simple and easy process. While the rewards can be great, the process can be a bit more complicated than you

Is Seasonality a Factor When Selling Your Property?

Fall, winter, spring or summer – does it really matter what time of year you sell your property? The answer may surprise you. While homes sell all throughout the year, some

How to Yield Big Returns by Investing In Land

Most people invest in land under the assumption that they’ll see a steady, long-term return. But if you know how to play your cards, you can see big returns. There’s more to

What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding and How to Start Investing Today

Crowdfunding has changed the way people invest. If people want to back a product, they can provide money to help the maker see their dreams come true. And if a person wants to

What is Cash-Flow Real Estate Investing?

You want to make your money work for you. Smart investors want to make their money continue to work for them, and for this to be possible, you need to be able to generate some

Best Ways to Build a Solid Cash-Flow Real Estate Portfolio

A solid cash-flow portfolio is the goal of every real estate investor. There are underlying issues with solid cash-flow in real estate because this can mean anything really. Just

Small Multi-Family Properties - Where and How to Buy Them

When most people hear the words “multi-family property,” they envision towering apartment buildings and high-rises. These types of properties are often out of reach of the

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Land Today

Investing in land does provide solid returns. There is this stigma that land isn’t able to turn a solid return for an investor. But this is simply a rumor or a thing of fallacy

Lease Land Designations and Usage - How to Find Land for Lease

Land leases are often unknown to potential land buyers. These are leases that can be given to you by the owner of the land, and government agencies in some cases. The process can

Residential Lots of Land for Sale near Edwards, CA

Situated in Southern California, the town of Edwards is small – to say the least. But it’s just a two hour drive from Los Angeles, and is home to a major military air base

Oregon Land and Acreage - How to Secure the Best Deals On the Market

Known affectionately as the Beaver State, Oregon sits in the far northwestern region of the U.S. just north of California and south of Washington. Known for its dramatic, diverse

Should You Invest in Areas with a High Influx of Foreign Investments?

Foreign investment in the United States has hit a record high. In 2015, cross-border investment in land was set to reach $24.1 billion on the year. And what's even more shocking

Investing in Land as A Retirement Saving Option

Retirement is something that every worker in the world dreams about. The days when you can do what you want - not go to a 9 to 5 job and only really enjoy the weekends. And people

How and Where to Find Plots of Land Near Rivers

Land near rivers is desirable. Any waterfront property will hold immense value, and these properties are often difficult to find. There are a lot considerations that need to be

Finding Cheap and Attractive Land in Missouri

Missouri is considered a Midwestern state, and sits Northeast of Oklahoma. The state is the 18th most populous in the country, and there are 114 counties within the state. When

Where to Find Affordable Acreage in North Florida

North Florida is home to some of the most populous cities in the state, and boasts a favorable climate that attracts snowbirds and tourists each year. While you’ll find cheap

Is Real Estate Development Going To Be Scarce Anywhere Soon?

Drive through most towns in America, and you’ll see development going on somewhere. It may be a commercial plaza, a new housing development, or a new apartment complex. But it’s

Land for Sale in Wisconsin - Where to Find Affordable Land

Home to over 5.7 million people, Wisconsin is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes area. Lake Superior sits to the north, which provides the state with a diverse landscape

Most people purchase land for one purpose: to develop it. Whether that means building a home, shopping center or apartment complex, a large percentage of land buyers search for

What Are Preserved Lands, And Can They Be Turned Into Commercial Land?

When purchasing property for commercial use, you’ll find plenty of opportunities. But what if the perfect piece of land for your project just so happens to be “preserved,” or