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Ensuring Conveying of All Rights and Interests When Buying a Property

When you go to buy a piece of property, you’ll do so with the intent of actually owning the land after the purchase has occurred. A major issue is that many buyers do not ensure

Acres of Land For Sale - What's The Best Acreage Size To Invest In?

If you’ve decided to invest in land, one of your first concerns may be the size of the lot. After all, the more acres you have, the higher the return – right? Not necessarily

Land for Sale in Pennsylvania - Great Opportunities

The state of Pennsylvania has a lot to offer to residents. Not only is the state known for its Amish community, but Pennsylvania also experiences all four seasons and has a lot of

Is Land in The United States Going to Increase Its Value?

Predicting the future is no easy task. While certain resources may be valuable today, such as oil, we know that this can change rather quickly. But land has always been known as a

Land for Sale in Georgia - Great Opportunities at Affordable Rates

The southern state of Georgia is known for its peaches, great weather, rich history and friendly locals. But the state is also home to excellent land investment opportunities, and

North Carolina Land for Sale - Now is the Right Time to Buy

Situated in the southeast, the state of North Carolina has seen its population boom in recent years. The state currently has the ninth highest population, with an estimated 10

Buy to Rent Land Opportunities - What Are They?

Buy to rent land opportunities are a great way to increase your investment portfolio, and do so without the large upfront expenditure of buying or building a home. We all know or

How Much Land Do You Need To Build a House?

If you’re planning on building your dream home or renting out a newly built home, one of the first things you’ll need to do is purchase a plot of land. The question is: how

Can We Expect Another Real Estate Bubble in The US?

There is no denying that the housing bubble caused many people to foreclose on their homes. A major catastrophe for the United States, housing bubbles do and will continue to

Bulk and Bargain Land for Sale in Wyoming

The great state of Wyoming has a lot of land opportunities available. You’ll find many oversized lots, often spanning 10+ acres, that are for sale at rock-bottom prices. There

Do Wetlands Hold Any Actual Value?

You finally found the perfect piece of land. There’s just one problem: the property includes wetlands. Should you buy the land anyway? Does wetland even hold any value? Wetlands

Why Buying Land in Bulk Might Be Your Best Investing Bet

You’ve been told time and time again that you should be investing your money. Letting your money sit in a bank collecting little to no interest is not a good use of your

Land Valuation - How Does Evaluating Land's Worth Work?

Evaluating a home’s value is relatively simple and straightforward, but when it comes to land valuation, things can be get a little tricky. It’s not quite as easy as comparing

Lake and Waterfront Land for Sale in California

If you’re looking to invest in land, you've probably heard of the land boom in California in the 70s. If you were one of the lucky people that invested in land at this time

Cheap Vacant Land for Sale in Indiana – Finding Great Deals

Indiana has many great properties for sale, and the state has become a very popular choice for anyone that is investing in land. You’ll find major parcels of land spanning

Finding the Best Deals on Farms and Ranches on the Market

If you dream of owning your own farm or ranch, the recent spike in farmland prices in Ohio may have you thinking twice about buying farmland. But there are plenty of deals to be

What Can You Use Very Small Acres Of Land For?

Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t need hundreds of acres to generate money with your land. Even small acreage can be put to good use, and earn you a nice return

Your Guide to Finding & Buying Vacant Land in Pecos, Texas

Pecos, Texas is located in Reeves County of the Lone Star State. The largest city in the county, the town is situated in the River Valley on the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan

Buying Land in Bulk - Why is Bulk Land More Valuable?

Land is slowly running out. While there may be millions of acres available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find land in bulk. The major issue is that builders are

What Do First Time Land Buyers Need to Be Aware Of?

The excitement that first-time land buyers feel is difficult to put into words. When you first dive into this long-term investment, you know that you’re buying something that

Measuring and Calculating Acreage - How to Calculate Acreage

When you buy a piece of property, one of the most important things is the amount of acreage that is available. Calculating the size of your land parcel is a process that is

Your Guide Finding Land for Sale in Holbrook, Arizona

Holbrook, Arizona is home to just over 5,000 people. Situated in Navajo County, the city was founded between 1881 and 1882. The town was formed when the main railroad was built

What Type of Land Is the Cheapest Option You Can Get?

Land is rising in price, but you can find cheap land options if you’re willing to sacrifice some of your requirements. We’re going to take a look at the cheapest land options

What Are Local Zoning and Building Requirements?

If you’re purchasing land for development purposes, be it residential or commercial, it’s important to consider local zoning and building requirements. These requirements will