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Rural Investments: Finding the Best Value Farmland

Farmland has been invested in heavily in the past decade. Why? Prices were dirt cheap for a while, and the return-on-investment was substantial. Just over a year ago, and still

What Is The Best Way To Find Land And Acreage Directly From Sellers?

Land and acreage isn’t only sold through conventional means. Sales happen every day where land is never advertised by realtors, yet someone managed to get the perfect parcel of

Waterfront Land for Sale - Top Designations and Uses

Waterfront land is extremely valuable. There are two types of land that you’ll find with waterfront views: oceanfront land and lakefront land. While there are many types of

Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Next Piece of Hunting Land

Hunters that want to feed their family and have a steady stock of land to hunt on have a few options. The first is to buy your own land, but times have changed, and this process

Red-Hot Real Estate Buys of 2015

Did you know that a group of real estate analysts gather their statistics and rank the best states to invest in property? While they all appear to be based on proper data, they

The Top Five Reasons to Make Tennessee Your Home

Tennessee is one of those states that have it all from beautiful landscapes to top notch schools it is a winner. There are many reasons you should consider this state a place to

Land Sales On The Rise In Tennessee

It is no surprise that so many people recognize the value of Tennessee land. The numbers of investors -both American and international are increasing at a surprising rate

The Magical Beauty of Lake Tansi, TN

If you don’t want to fall in love with a property you better not go to Lake Tansi, especially in the autumn. From the moment you feast your eyes on the deepest blue lake

Looking for Land for Sale in Port Charlotte, Florida?

Port Charlotte has come a long way from chasing wooly mammoths in the ice age. It is now one of the fastest growing residential playgrounds in Florida, and with good reason. Once

Punta Gorda - The Golden Chance You Cannot Miss

Punta Gorda, which translates to Fat Point, is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida to visit, and it’s even better to live there. It has everything you could possibly

Discover the Amazing Beauty of Citrus Springs, Florida

Citrus Springs is located in Citrus County just north of Hernando. Ponce De Leon discovered the area, and there is a park named in his honor. It is one of the few places to still

Needles, California Acreage and Plots of Land Available

This is an interesting rural community in San Bernardino County that has been the location of choice for multiple movies since The Grapes of Wrath in 1940. Needles fame doesn’t

Valentine, Texas Acreage and Lots for Sale

This is rustic, rural country side that is an awe-inspiring escape from the hustle and bustle of major city life. It’s warm dry summers and cool dry winters offer the best of

Beautiful Lots of Land in Aroostook County, Maine

The name says it all - Aroostook means “beautiful river” and it is most apropos. The land is absolutely breathtaking and the air is as fresh as the sunshine. This is the most

Blanca, Colorado Acreage and Residential Lots

There’s a story that says you can see a different view with every turn of your head. The historic ambiance of Blanca is enhanced with water, mountains and wildlife. You might

Horseshoe Bend Arkansas Properties and Land

Living life in the Ozarks couldn’t get any better, it’s like they were grown with one purpose in mind. Fun, relaxation, and- or retirement. Step outside and take a big breath

Introducing MMC Private Membership - Get Land Deals First

Let’s face it; you are looking to make a land purchase that translates easily and quickly into cash or other valuable profits. We are in business to make a little money too, and

Re-introducing the Amazing Advantages of Undeveloped Land

Purchasing land for the purpose of flipping can and is profitable. It doesn’t appreciate like properties with dwellings, but there are other ways to benefit. You will have fewer

Where Millennial Pioneers Find a Home in Colorado

You’ve read about the Wild West, the hearty folk that built the ranches, towns and forts in the wilderness of the southwest where they battled native tribes, fished for their

Paradise on the Cheap - Find Cheap Acreage for Sale

If someone told you just to save 1000.00 dollars and choose where you want to build a home, would you believe it? Would you expect the proverbial swamp land? Of course you would

Naked Acreage: What Are You Going To Do With It?

In this day and age, buying in bulk has proven to return great savings and excellent investment strategies as well. If you find a large parcel of land you can purchase and afford

The Magic of Horseshoe Bay, Texas

What is the magic of Horseshoe Bay? Mostly, it’s about living the “countrified life” with all the amenities of being close enough to the major cities to enjoy nearly

Snowbabies! Turn Here -> Colorado Land for Sale

Are you a person that loves to sit by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate (or a Hot Toddy) while snowflakes cover the landscape making all seem quiet and ready for peace?  Are you

Romance, History and Innovation Thrives in Tennessee

Can you hear the refrain, “Davy – Davy Crockett!  King of the wild frontier” screeching in your head?  Are Civil War battlefields stirring your heart to go out and find