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How do I research property zoning restrictions?

The best resource will be the property appraiser’s office in the county the property is located in. A quick call or email will be enough to get an accurate response with the property details. Make sure to reference the address, parcel number , or legal description when contacting them. Be specific with your zoning questions as definitions and restrictions may vary from county to county.

How do I see which utilities are available to a property?

Under "Other Resources" section of the listing, select the Property Appraiser Office link to find the county contact information. Many counties have detailed online databases that provide specific information on the property. You can also directly contact them via phone or email with your specific questions.

How do I verify road access to a property.

Road access can be verified through the county’s Property Appraiser Office to insure the property has direct access to the parcel. Dirt road access to remote locations is common but be sure to research local conditions and insure that your vehicle can navigate the local roads and weather conditions. Counties also have records of road access and location details of all legal roads in the area that can be provided upon request.

How do I view the property prior to purchase?

All of our properties are open for viewing with location and GPS coordinates within each listing. You are welcome to drop in and see the property before committing to a purchase. Keep in mind that properties that haven’t been surveyed can only be located by approximate location until they have been surveyed and staked. Check with Local real estate professionals and surveyors for details and prices for your parcel. A survey is not a requirement for vacant land and can always be addressed at a future date.

How do I verify property taxes and view tax records?

The county Tax Collector Office is you best resource for tax records. With many counties having online records, it is easy to verify property taxes and any delinquencies on a property. Make sure to reference the address, parcel number , or legal description when contacting them.

How do I research a property doesn’t have a physical address?

Every property is assigned APN (Assigned Parcel Number) used to reference the property. You can find this information in the general description within each listing. It is common for vacant land to remain without a physical mailing address unless requested. Check with your local county assessor for the necessary steps to request an address to be assigned to your parcel.

How do I find the county assessor information?

Every county has a property appraiser/assessor office. Just enter their location into any search engine and their website will appear. This information is also contained within each listing on our site.

International Buyers

Unlike many countries that only allow land sales to those with citizenship in the country, the United States treats sales of real estate to foreign nationals almost the same as sales to US residents and citizens. Our simple online purchase process allows anyone to purchase a property remotely. You may also contact us directly and we will walk you through the steps.

Closing Questions

How much are closing costs for cash buyer?

Your closing costs can vary and based on your agreement with the seller. Please refer to your Purchase Agreement and discuss your closing costs with the seller.

What is the deed to the property?

A deed for the property is the legal title of the property and is proof that ownership is transferred from one person to another.

What type of deeds are there?

• Warranty deed – A warranty deed is a type of deed where the seller guarantees that he or she holds clear title to a piece of real estate and has a right to sell it to the buyer.

• Special warranty deed – Not nearly as protective as a General Warranty Deed, the grantor of this deed conveys the property with 2 warranties:

– The grantor warrants that they have received title.
– The grantor warrants, unless noted specifically in the deed, that the property was not encumbered during their period of ownership.

They warrant nothing prior to their taking title. If specifically stated in the deed, other warranties can be conveyed.

• Quit claim deed – A legal instrument used to transfer real estate property. Unlike other types of deeds, no warranties are provided by the seller. The property interest is transferred as-is with no guarantees that the title is clear. Due diligence is advised as the property will be transferred as-is.

Additional services:

Can I sell my property?

Yes. With multiple options for private sellers and Real estate professionals available, we offer our clients specific services depending on their needs. Here are the options available to you: Sell Your Land

Review a Location

With our completely transparent feedback and review policy, this section is open for your feedback, comments, and any thoughts you care to share regarding the location of the property. Your posts will shared for the real estate community to view and comment on. Feel free to share any impressions of the area and post photos and short videos of your experience.

On the other hand, hear what others have shared about a location as well. As this is a community grown project, feel free to add your personal thought or experience.


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