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0.14 Acres for Sale in Williford, Arkansas

0.14 Acres for Sale in Williford, Arkansas


Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

By Owner
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Property Details

Property Description

Yo, what's up gang? If you're looking for Arkansas land for livin' the good life and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the world, Ozark Acres is your ticket. Located just outside the Ozarks in northern Arkansas, it offers 0.14 acre lots with no zoning restrictions so you can build whatever y'all want. Plus there are two great lakes - Vagabond Lake and Spring Lake - to engage in all kinds of activities like fishing, swimming, boating or just chillaxin'. So if you wanna lay back and have a good time with some fresh air then Ozark Acres is where it's at!

Ya'll best be checkin' out Sharp County if ya'll want yerself a piece of paradise. This blessed spot has no zoning, so the sky's da limit fo' what all ya can build here. It's lake livin' at its finest in the heart of Arkansas' Ozark Mountains. Don't hesitate, don't delay; it's time ta secure yer Arkansas plot and start buildin' that dream getaway. So put on yer thinking cap, Arkansas-style, an make yer move into Sharp County today!


Owner Financing Available: $50 down $85/mo for 36 months


STREET ADDRESS: N/A, near Wagon Trail, Williford, AR 72482


COUNTY: Sharp County, AR

ZIP: 72482

SIZE: 0.14 acres

LOT DIMENSIONS: 50 feet x 110 feet

APN: 504-00162-000

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 20, Block 7, Valley View Addition to Ozark Acres, per recorded plat or plats and subject to the easements, notes and other indicated restrictions, of any, on said plat or plats and subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth in the Bill of Assurance and amendments thereto, if any, of recording the office of the Circuit Court Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder of Sharp County, Arkansas.



NW: 36.312202, -91.398567

NE: 36.312222, -91.398397

SW: 36.311901, -91.398512

SE: 36.311922, -91.398343

ELEVATION: 695 feet

ANNUAL TAXES: Approx. $35 per year

ZONING: There is no zoning in Sharp County. - Single Family Homes, Mobile homes and Modular housing are allowed.Sharp County has no restrictions for property. If it is county property and no bill of assurance is attached to the property, you can put up any structure on your property. You can have a mobile or an RV without any restrictions, otherwise, you cannot.If the property is within city limits, you will need to contact the city where your property is located and they may be able to help you with their restrictions. They have plat maps in their office and they are $3.00 per plat. You will need to send them the property description along with the payment. Some of our plats have streets on them but most of them are just of the property size. Sharp County does not have planning and zoning for the county. However, your property could have a bill of assurance attached to it. You need to contact one of the local abstracting companies to help you with this information. For more information, please contact phone no: 870-994-7361




ACCESS: Property can be accessed via Wagon Trail.

WATER: Would be a well, water haul and holding tank or other similar option

SEWER: Would be by Septic

UTILITIES: There is power in the area. Nearest power post is about 0.2 miles away. Power could also be by solar, wind or generator, Phone by cellular, satellite TV/Internet/Phone

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