0.53 Acres for Sale in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

0.53 Acres for Sale in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas





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Welcome to your very own 0.53-Acre slice of paradise in Horseshoe Bend, AR, where dreams of serene living become reality.

This isn't just any piece of land; it's zoned RV - Residential Vacant, making it the perfect spot for building that dream home you've always envisioned. Picture this: your future abode nestled among the trees on a flat terrain that's as inviting as a blank canvas for an artist. But it's not just about the land; it's about the lifestyle. With enough room to spread out, you can design your home with a spacious yard, a garden, or even your own little forest retreat. It's all here waiting for you, just a creative burst away from becoming your personal haven.

Navigating to your future home is an adventure in itself, thanks to the access via a charming dirt road. Imagine a path less traveled, winding through the woods, where every journey to and from your home feels like an escape into nature. Yes, it might get a bit muddy and bumpy, but isn't there something thrilling about living somewhere that's a bit off the beaten path? This road, with its unique character, adds to the allure of your new escape, ensuring that every return home feels like a mini adventure. And with Horseshoe Bend's strategic location, you're never too far from civilization. Nearby cities like Ash Flat, Highland, and Cherokee Village are just a short drive away, offering the perfect mix of seclusion and convenience.

But what really sets this property apart are the nearby attractions and the practicalities of making it your own. With power already on the street, you're one step closer to turning the lights on in your new home. The installation of a water well and sewer septic will be your venture into making this land truly yours, offering a sense of accomplishment that comes with creating something from the ground up. And let's not forget the nearby attractions - from Veteran's Park to Hot Springs National Park - that promise endless weekends of exploration and enjoyment. Your investment in Horseshoe Bend isn't just in land; it's in a lifestyle that's rich with potential and ripe for the making. Here, your legacy isn't just built; it's lived.

Location: Horseshoe Bend, Ar

Size (Acres): 0.53

Zoning: Rv - Residential Vacant

Terrain: Flat with trees

Access: Dirt Road

Nearby Cities: Ash Flat, AR (17 min, 8.5 miles), Highland, AR (22 min, 14.0 miles), Cherokee Village, AR (27 min, 17.0 miles), Hardy, AZ (30 min, 19.9 miles), Oxford, AR (24 min, 14.4 miles)

Nearby Attractions: Veteran's Park, The Bridge at The Big T Road, Crystal River Cave & Courts, Cave City Park, Hot Springs National Park

Nearest highway: Co Rd 320 (Day Rd) and Hwy 412


Power: Power on street

Water Well: You install.

Sewer Septic: You install.

Seize the Opportunity: Land Ownership with Unbeatable Financing.

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Important Notes:

- All of the information we have about this Property is contained on our Website Property Page.

- We ask that buyers do their own Due Diligence.

- You can visit any of our properties at any Time. GPS Co-ordinates and Driving Directions Given.

- Please call the Applicable County offices for any Specific Questions about the Property.


Gps: 36.23478, -91.70136

Gps Nw: 36°14'06.1"N, 91°42'05.8"W

Gps Ne: 36°14'06.6"N, 91°42'05.1"W

Gps Sw: 36°14'04.1"N, 91°42'05.6"W

Gps Se: 36°14'04.9"N, 91°42'03.7"W

Directions from Little Rock, AR

1. Take Day Rd and Peace Valley Rd to US-167 S/Ash Flat Dr in Ash Flat (16 min, 8.4 mi)

2. Follow US-167 S and US-67 S to Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr/M L King in Little Rock. Take exit 2B from I-630 W (2 hr. 11 min, 131 mi)

3. Continue on Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr/M L King to your destination (2 min, 0.3 mi)

Directions from Fayetteville, AR

1. Take Peaceful Hollow Dr, E Cardinal Dr and AR-289 N to US-412 W/US-62 W in Fulton County (15 min, 7.9 mi)

2. Follow US-412 W to US-412 BUS in Madison County (2 hr. 48 min, 146 mi)

3. Follow State Hwy 45 S to N Block Ave in Fayetteville (29 min, 20.4 mi)

Directions from Fort Smith, AR

1. Take AR-289 S/S Bend Dr, AR-56 W and La Crosse Rd to AR-69 S (33 min, 20.7 mi)

2. Take AR-58 W, AR-9 S and I-40 W to Garrison Ave in Fort Smith (3 hr 46 min, 210 mi)

Directions from Springdale, AR

1. Take Peaceful Hollow Dr, E Cardinal Dr and AR-289 N to US-412 W/US-62 W in Fulton County (15 min, 7.9 mi)

2. Follow US-412 W to S Thompson St in Springdale (3 hr. 11 min, 165 mi)

3. Continue straight to stay on S Thompson St (0 sec, 10 ft)

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