Land Details

  • LC-1908-245930
  • Lot Size: 5 acres
  • Owner Finance: $6,871
  • 5th Street, Blanca, CO 81123
  • Deed Type: Warranty Deed
  • Parcel: 70341500
  • GPS: 37.464301, -105.527962 Open in Google Maps
Owner Finance Terms
  • 4 years (0.0%), down payment $199 - monthly payment $139.00

Owner Finance Terms

$199 DOWN/$139 PER MONTH-FINANCE TERMS-INSTANT APPROVAL/NO CREDIT CHECKS- Interest Rate 0% Loan Term: 44 months Monthly Payment $139 (plus a $15 note servicing fee and yearly taxes) Document Fee: $249 We Accept Credit Card for Down payment OR PAY IN FULL CASH DISCOUNT-$3,995- Purchase Price $3,995 Document Fee: $249
Listing Description
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  • Zoning: Residential
  • Road Access: Dirt Road
  • Utilities: No utilities
  • Legal Description: Unit 3 Block 8 Lot 3 San Luis Valley Ranches Subdivision
  • Taxes: 70
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