1.27 Acres for Sale in River Ranch, Florida

1.27 Acres for Sale in River Ranch, Florida


Land of Land, Inc.

Land of Land, Inc.

Land of Land, Inc.

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This 1.27 acre plat of land is located in a peaceful, wooded area in southeastern Polk County, surrounded by an abundance of popular lakes.

This parcel does not have frontage on a county maintained road. For this reason, the starting bid is deeply discounted, enhancing the attractiveness of this parcel as a long term investment. 

Why invest in vacant land? Here are some reasons: 1. Long Term Gains (Buy and Hold Strategy): – If you get a good deal on land now and hold onto it for a while, you can sell it for a profit later. 2. Scarcity – Land is a limited resource. Nobody is making any more land. The supply of vacant land is declining over time while the U.S. population and demand continue to grow. 3. Inflation Hedge – Prices for goods and services keep rising (as does the U.S. national debt!) Protect yourself with land. 4. Stability – Unlike financial investments like stocks or mutual funds, the value of vacant land doesn’t fluctuate wildly over short time periods. 5. Potential for Income – In many cases, you can lease the property while holding it for eventual sale.

Whatever your reason, this would be your opportunity to diversify your land portfolio with this piece of Florida!

In addition, with over 2,000 square miles of land and water, Polk County is Florida’s fourth largest county.  Polk County is located in the geographic center of Florida and along Central Florida’s I-4 corridor.

Florida has surpassed New York as the third-largest state in terms of population, going from 18,801,310 residents in 2010 to 22,359,251 (and counting) in 2023. This growth pushes up demand for land needed for additional housing, facilities to serve the growing population, and so on!

With millions of visitors each year to its beaches, major amusement parks centered around Orlando and cruise ships departing from ports on both coasts, tourism is a major contributor to Florida's robust economy.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

NOTE: Polk County does not permit living in RVs at any time.

NOTE: This property is located in the vicinity of the Avon Park Air Force Range Military Training Facility and may be subject to potential day and night low level aircraft overflight and military training noise during training exercises. Additional property development regulations may apply

Please note there is a $295.00 documentation fee. This fee covers recording fees to the county, document preparation, legal review, transfer taxes, notary fees and processing costs as we create all the deeds in house.

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