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  • LC-1706-204036
  • Lot Size: 64 acres
  • Owner Finance: $95,000
  • Processing Fee: $899
  • Parent Road, Van Buren, ME 04785
  • Deed Type: Warranty Deed
  • Parcel: Lot 72
  • GPS: 47.233454, -68.028763 Open in Google Maps
Owner Finance Terms
  • 10 years (5.0%) - monthly payment $1,007.62

Owner Finance Terms

This parcel of land is a beautiful, untouched stretch of natural forest located in New Canada, Maine. Here you can live in peaceful tranquility in one of the cleanest, clearest, safest areas of the country, less than an hour's drive from the border crossing into Canada. This property is perfect for anything from a country home, recreational activity or even just as a stable investment to add to your portfolio.

New Canada, Maine is located in the heart of St. John Valley, which borders Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada. St. John Valley is home to around 15,000 US residents, as well as 40,000 Canadians in communities just north of the border. The area has a rich history blended with French and Acadian heritage, and there are many festivals and cultural events to honor the region's long-standing traditions. 

For those who are interested in exploring the land, visit Maine’s “Million Dollar View" between Danforth and Orient, to experience breathtaking views of Peek-a-boo Mountain, Mt. Katahdin, and magnificent lakes. Aroostook State Park, Maine’s first state park, has everything one could need: hiking on Quaggy Jo Mountain, trout fishing in Echo Lake, access to groomed trails for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, four-season camping and more. The County offers 2,300 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and 1,200 miles of contiguous ATV trails with lodging and dining establishments along the way.

Buy property in Maine today and secure a stable investment for yourself and your family! The lot is offered via cash purchase or on owner finance terms. There is no approval process for financing. No income verification and no credit verification is performed. Property taxes and HOA (if applicable) is pro-rated and billed monthly.$1.99 monthly processing fee is added to each bill. If you need lower monthly payments, contact us and we will make it work for you! We offer a 20% discount to anyone who pays off property within 7 days of purchase.

Listing Description
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  • Zoning: Residential, Vacant, Recreational
  • Road Access: Paved to Dirt
  • Utilities: Private Septic and Well, Please contact County Assessor for additional details
  • Legal Description: Lot 72 Parent Road
  • Taxes: 479.91
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Buyer(s) understands that the Seller is conveying the above described property “as-is, where-is” and Buyer agrees to purchase property as such. No representations as to fitness for a particular purpose have been made. No verbal claims or promises have been made to Buyer which do not appear in writing here. Buyer understands that seller has never occupied or visited the property personally and Buyer is not relying on Seller as to condition of the property. Buyer acknowledges that the Property is acceptable to them in its presently existing condition. Please do your own due diligence. All sales are final.

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