Land Details

  • LC-1909-249800
  • Lot Size: 1.5 acres
  • Cash Sale: $7,815
  • 589 Askew Road, Crenshaw, MS 38621
  • Deed Type: Warranty Deed
  • Parcel: 1059D3000000-0000603
  • GPS: 34.535584, -90.191968 Open in Google Maps
Listing Description
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  • Zoning: Residential
  • Road Access: Paved Road
  • Utilities: Septic and well needed
  • Legal Description: COMMENCING from a found cedar corner post locally accepted as the Southeast Corner of Section 30, Township 6 South, Range 9 West; THENCE run north 4558’40” West a distance of 4989.58 feet to a cotton picker spindle set in Askew Rd. At the Southeast corner of property, which is also the POINT OF BEGINNING of land herein described; THENCE run North 8910’35” West a distance of 418.06 feet to a ½” rebar with cap set; THENCE run South 8911’06” East a distance of 336.48 feet to a cotton picker spindle found in Askew Rd., THENCE run South 2423’31” East a distance of 191.56 feet to the point of beginning of this description. This property contains 1.50 acres, more or less.
  • Taxes: 77.04
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