1.13 Acres for Sale in Elko, Nevada

1.13 Acres for Sale in Elko, Nevada


William Darmon Properties

William Darmon Properties

William Darmon Properties

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Are you an off-road enthusiast, adrenaline seeker, or just someone who misses the freedom of an open trail? Then look no further! Get ready to be mesmerized by the unadulterated splendor of this off-grid property, where off-roading and adventure are the main attractions. Whether you are an experienced off-roader or a novice eager to explore the world of all-terrain activities, this property is just the right fit for you. Discover a new existence here, shut your eyes, and picture yourself waking up to the crisp, clean air in your lungs and the warmth of the sun shining through the hillside.

This is your time to relax and experience the best of nature away from the bustling city. Discover the benefits of not having your peace broken by obnoxious neighbors, loud traffic, or any other urban annoyances. Don’t be afraid to venture off the trails and visit the local attractions such as Northeastern Nevada Museum, Cowboy Gear and Arts Museum, and the Peace Park. But wait there’s more!!! Camping lovers, mobile home enthusiasts, and RV adventurers, this property is your dream come true! Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to design the perfect off-grid setup that suits your needs. What more could you ask for? Don’t waste another second! Send me a message for more info. 


Property Address: Wood Ave, Elko, NV

Size: Acres: 1.13 

APN: 018-006-007

Cash Price: $6800 plus $249 doc fee

Owner Financing Terms: $115 down plus $249 doc fee, $115 monthly for 60 months 


Center: 41°1'30.03"N,115°24'21.73"W

NW: 41°1'31.56"N,115°24'22.83"W

NE: 41°1'31.55"N,115°24'20.69"W

SE: 41°1'28.5"N,115°24'20.64"W

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