4.35 Acres for Sale in River Ranch, Nevada

4.35 Acres for Sale in River Ranch, Nevada


JG Land Ventures

JG Land Ventures

JG Land Ventures

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Owner Financing Terms: $200 down $175/mo for 72 months

Unearth the essence of freedom on your very own 4.35-acre sanctuary tucked away in the vast stretches of Elko County, NV. Our vacant land, an exceptionally rare find, is the key you've been seeking for your recreational adventures and gateway to a paradise of unspoiled delight. Can you hear the siren call of the weekend camping trip echoing in the crisp air, or the thrill of strapping into your ATV, engine purring, ready to carve your path across the uncharted terrain?

Wake up to the gleaming sun highlighting the magnificent mountain vistas, and cap off your days under a blanket of stars, untainted by city lights. Invite family and friends for unforgettable RV getaways, where the day's biggest dilemma is either to breathe in the fresh, invigorating air or distance yourself from the relentless pull of technology. Revel in this hearty slice of liberty, where your adventures are only limited by the stretch of your imagination.

Every minute spent marvelling at the beauty of this 4.35-acre land will whisper, insistently, that you’ve found a hidden treasure- an indispensable part of your journey toward tranquility, peace, and well-being. Reach out to us today and take the next giant leap towards owning your own magnificent piece of Elko County's vast, untouched terrain. One visit, and you'll know - you're not just buying land, you're investing in experiences, memories, and a lifetime of freedom. Don’t let this moment slip away. Answer the call of the wild today and indulge in life the way it should be lived. This isn't just vacant land... it's your ticket to a more fulfilling life.


Cash Price: $8500

Owner Financing: $200 down $175/mo for 72 months

Doc Fee: $199 (due with down payment - non refundable)

Additional Monthly Fees: Prorated property taxes and $10 monthly note processing fee


Property Address: VIRGO AVE/2ND ST, DEETH, NV, 89823

Property APN: 016-013-008

Size: 4.35 acres

Terrain: desert, is dry, sandy, and with sparse shrubbery

Access Road Surface: Unpaved/Dirt

Conveyance: Grant, Bargain, and Sale Deed

HOA Fees: None

Annual Taxes: $23.34

Power: No, the nearest power line is approximately 0.7 miles away Virgo Ave

Water: Would have to drill a well or alternative.

Sewer/Septic: Would have to install septic

Gas: Would have to contact WELLS PROPANE INC. (+17757523421) or Suburban Propane (+17757383151)

Waste: Would have to contact Elko Landfill (+17757777395) or Elko Sanitation (+17757383771)

Camping: Camping for up to 28 days without a permit is allowed. However, if the duration of the camping extends beyond 28 days, a septic permit must be obtained.

Types of Homes Allowed: RV Living is allowed for 28 days. A septic permit is required beyond 28 days.

Mobile Home Regulations: Mobile Home is permitted with Building Permit.

Nearby Attractions: N/A

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