APN 3046140318145
APN 3046140318145 NE corner looking SW
APN 3046140318145 NW corner looking S
APN3046140318145 SE corner looking NE
APN 3046140318145(4)


APN 3046140318145
APN 3046140318145 NE corner looking SW
APN 3046140318145 NW corner looking S
APN3046140318145 SE corner looking NE
APN 3046140318145(4)
APN 3046140318145 SW corner looking East
3046140318145 GIS 3
3046140318145 GIS 1
3046140318145 GE Looking East
3046140318145 GE Looking North
3046140318145 GE Looking West
3046140318145 GE Looking South
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0.5 Acres for Sale in Deming, New Mexico

0.5 Acres for Sale in Deming, New Mexico


Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

By Owner
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Property Details

Property Description

Own 1/2 an acre of beautiful land in New Mexico in just 20 months! Enjoy the convenience of being close to town and the Deming Airport, while still having peaceful surroundings. With dimensions of 123 feet x 180 feet, it's a great size for whatever you have planned. Get ready to start creating your very own piece of paradise!

Picture this - waking up every morning, stepping out into the sun with a fresh cup of coffee and admiring YOUR land. Or hearing the gentle rustle from morning breezes as you enjoy nature's beauty on YOUR land. No down payment needed (only a doc fee of $200) for this enchanting property so why wait any longer?

Take advantage of this opportunity today by clicking here and enrolling now for only $75 per month for 20 months! Don't let someone else take away your chance at achieving outdoor bliss - get yours before its too late!


Owner Financing Available: $0 down $75/mo for 20 months


STREET ADDRESS: N/A, near, W Orno St, Deming, NM 88030


COUNTY: Luna County, NM

ZIP: 88030

SIZE: 0.50 acres

LOT DIMENSIONS: 123 feet x 180 feet

APN: 3046140318145

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: TRACT numbered Five (5), BLOCK numbered Nine (9), UNIT numbered Eighteen (18) in Deming Ranchettes, according to the plat thereof filed in the Office of the County Clerk of Luna County, New Mexico.

GOOGLE MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/GZ1Dyryf6YghZRgp7


NW: 32.235986, -107.676093

NE: 32.235984, -107.675698

SW: 32.235497, -107.676084

SE: 32.235492, -107.675689

ELEVATION: 4,259 feet

ANNUAL TAXES: Approx. $30 per year

ZONING: There is no zoning in Luna County. - Single Family Homes, Mobile homes and Modular housing are allowed. All manufactured homes, prior to occupancy shall be inspected and issued a Certificate of Compliance. The permits are issued through the state and the county for the movement and placement of mobile homes. They do not allow older than 1976. RVs are allowed for temporary stays. A permit is required; however, they are free, and this includes parking and living in the RV while you are constructing. The permit is used so that their code enforcement knows you are there and you won't have excessive knocking from multiple officers. Regarding the time limit, it is usually 6 months but the granting of extensions are common. The state required a minimum of ¾ of acre to go with the conventional septic. The minimum home size requirement is 600 square feet.For more information please contact Planning Department at Phone: 575-543-6620.


HOA/POA: There is a land owners association for all of Luna County called Luna County Ranchette Owners Association (LCROA). They charge no assessments. Their annual membership fee is $10 and you can sign up on their web site.


ACCESS: The property can be accessed via W Orno St.

WATER: Would be a well, water haul and holding tank or other similar option

SEWER: Would be by Septic

UTILITIES: Power by solar, wind or generator, Phone by cellular, satellite TV/Internet/Phone

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