Land Details

  • LC-2208-379451
  • Lot Size: 2.6 acres
  • Cash Sale: $17,749
  • , Scio, NY 14880
  • Deed Type: Special Warranty Deed
  • Parcel: 026600 223.-1-1.13
  • GPS: 42.151387, -78.070385 Open in Google Maps
Listing Description
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  • Zoning: Residential
  • Road Access: Dirt Road
  • Utilities: Please contact county
  • Legal Description: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND, situate in the Town of Scio, County of Allegan y, State of New York, being part of a tract know n as the "John Coyle Farm ” and also bei ng part of the nort h west quarter of Lot 17, Town of Scio, NY as well as part of the land described in a deed gi ven by Philip Church and wi f e to Samuel Hurd on December 5, 1833 and recorded in the Allegany C ounty Clerk's Office December 13, 1833, in Book "I " of deeds at page 6 68, and described as follows: Beginning at a point on Grantor's west line 982.05 feet south of Grantor's northwest corner, measured along Grantor's west line; 1. thence, N 89° 05' 00 ” W, 891.39' to a point; 2. thence, N 01° 11' 30 ” E, 232' to a point; 3. thence, S 89° 05 ’ 00 ” E, 74.60' to a point in the centerline of a 50° wide right of way; 4. thence, S 01° 11' 30 ” W, along the centerline of said right of way, 322.20 ’ to a point, 5 . thence, N 89° 05' 00 ” W, 966.65', to a point on G rantor's west line; 6. thence, N 01° 34' 00 ” E, along Grantor' s west line, 101.21' to the point & place of beginning
  • Taxes: 245
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