15.76 Acres for Sale in Lakeview, Oregon

15.76 Acres for Sale in Lakeview, Oregon


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Erik Peterson

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Come experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with this extraordinary 15.76-acre lakefront property in Lake County, Oregon. Nestled near the border with California, this unique lot offers spectacular views and is an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true.

Located near the charming town of Lakeview, known as the "Tallest Town in Oregon," this property sits at an elevation of 4,802 feet (1,464 m) above sea level. Surrounded by the scenic Goose Lake Valley and the majestic Warner Mountains, it is perfectly positioned along the renowned Oregon's Outback Scenic Byway.

According to Lake County zoning regulations, this property is zoned for agricultural use. Additionally, mobile homes are permitted on the premises, provided they were manufactured after 1976. For older mobile homes, a type II CUP is required. Building and septic permits are necessary for accessing power and establishing an address. While residing in an RV on the property is not permitted, camping or having an RV on-site for up to 7 days in a 6-month period is allowed. Keep in mind accessing this property is a bit challenging and will likely require a 4x4 vehicle with good ground clearance. Also because the roads to this property are not highly traveled removing debris, dealing with ruts and muds if wet all are possibilities when traversing the beautiful countryside to get to the property.

Discover the beautiful wonders of Renner Lake and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. This is your chance to own a slice of paradise in Lake County, offering a serene lakefront retreat for outdoor adventure lovers. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Owner Financing Available: $1,000 down $575/mo for 104 months


STREET ADDRESS: N/A, near Lakeview, OR 97630


COUNTY: Lake County, OR

ZIP: 97630

SIZE: 15.76 acres

LOT DIMENSIONS: 1,337 feet x 738 feet

APN: 15991

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Township 41 South, Range 18 East of the Willamette Meridian:Section 20: The N1/2 of Government Lot 3, EXCEPTING THEREFROM, The South 3.0 chains of the West 15.0 chains of said N1/2 of Government Lot 3.

GOOGLE MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/jnAi7WG7YGwkCSu28


NW: 41.996955, -120.619942

NE: 41.996945, -120.615016

SW: 41.995477, -120.619934

SE: 41.995526, -120.615012

ELEVATION: 4,964 feet

ANNUAL TAXES: Approx. $455 per year

ZONING: A-2 Agriculture Use, R – Range Comprehensive Plan Designation - Mobile homes are allowed. As long as the Mobile home is newer than 1976 then you don’t need a CUP. If older than 1976 then you would need a CUP and it is not guaranteed. It would require a Type II CUP and then Building and Septic permits to get power and an address.Camping and RV's are allowed for short periods of time, not more than 7 days in a 6 month period. You cannot live on the property in an RV.Please contact Lake County OR Planning & Zoning at (541)947-6036 for additional information.




ACCESS: There is no road leading to this property directly.

WATER: Would be a well, water haul and holding tank or other similar option

SEWER: Would be by Septic

UTILITIES: Power by solar, wind or generator, Phone by cellular, satellite TV/Internet/Phone

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