5.17 Acres for Sale in Chiloquin, Oregon

5.17 Acres for Sale in Chiloquin, Oregon


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Enjoy the Wide Open Spaces of Klamath County OR on This 5.17 Acre Property

Chiloquin, Klamath County, Oregon

This 5.17 acre property is in the Nimrod River Park Subdivision. This property has a flat, easy to build site spots with amazing views. Best of all…power can be easily accessed as there are power lines nearby!

Curious about the buying process? Check out this short YouTube video!!! to see just how easy it is!

Here you’ll find many opportunities for outdoor activities of all kinds right within Klamath Falls. Whether you prefer active pursuits like hiking and biking or less-sweaty strolling and bench warming, your outdoor experience will often include the local lakes and rivers and the birds and wildlife that call these waters home.

You can enjoy great hunting and fishing in surrounding areas. Its secluded enough for you to live peacefully uninterrupted yet close enough to larger areas for supplies and shopping.The town of Sprague River is a few minutes away and has a post office, library, deli, two small country stores/gas, community center, church and little second hand store. It’s also close the National Forest and there is tons of wildlife in the area.

Adventures await in nearby Lakes and Sprague River or the MULTIPLE national forests that surround the area. Imagine pulling up in your RV or truck and spend EVERY beautiful summer weekend here!

You’ll feel like you have the whole place to yourself, but driving to town to stock up is only a quick drive! Its also close enough to larger towns to make it an ideal weekend escape

At only $309 a month this property is a steal! Make an investment in your future and fun on the weekends with friends and family now. Spend your weekends in the wilderness and start dreaming of your dream home. There is no time limit to build….. so take your time and plan the perfect home.

Adventures await in nearby Lakes and Sprague River or the MULTIPLE national forests that surround the area. Imagine pulling up in your RV or truck and spend EVERY beautiful summer weekend here!You are welcome to visit the property any time, the google map, plat map and GPS coordinates are below so you can find it easily.

Check out the pictures and imagine getting to relax and rewind with great mountain views of plenty of open space anytime you want!

Check below for just a few of the things Klamath County Oregon has to offer below and get ready to have fun in all 4 seasons!

Klamath County, located in southern Oregon, offers a variety of outdoor activities, natural attractions, and cultural experiences. Here are some things to do while visiting the area:

  1. Crater Lake National Park: Explore the stunning beauty of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States, formed within the caldera of Mount Mazama. Enjoy hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, boat tours, and ranger-led programs.
  2. Lava Beds National Monument: Discover a unique landscape of lava tubes, caves, and volcanic formations at Lava Beds National Monument. Explore underground caves, hike scenic trails, and learn about the area’s volcanic history.
  3. Outdoor Recreation: Take advantage of Klamath County’s outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, biking, camping, fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing. Popular destinations include the Sky Lakes Wilderness, Upper Klamath Lake, and the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges.
  4. Klamath Basin Birding Trails: Explore the diverse bird habitats of the Klamath Basin, which is renowned for its abundant birdlife, including bald eagles, waterfowl, and migratory birds. Follow designated birding trails and visit wildlife refuges for optimal birdwatching opportunities.
  5. Oregon Outback Scenic Byway: Take a scenic drive along the Oregon Outback Scenic Byway, which winds through the high desert landscapes of Klamath County. Enjoy panoramic views, geological formations, and historic sites along the route.
  6. Klamath Falls: Explore the city of Klamath Falls, the county seat of Klamath County, and discover its historic downtown area, art galleries, museums, and parks. Visit the Favell Museum to see exhibits on Native American art and culture, wildlife, and Western history.
  7. Pelican Brewing Company: Enjoy locally crafted beers and delicious food at the Pelican Brewing Company’s brewpub in Klamath Falls. Sample a variety of brews and relax on the outdoor patio overlooking the scenic Upper Klamath Lake.
  8. Upper Klamath Canoe Trail: Paddle the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail, a scenic waterway that meanders through wetlands, marshes, and forests. Rent a canoe or kayak and explore the tranquil waters while observing wildlife such as otters, herons, and waterfowl.
  9. Winema National Forest: Explore the scenic beauty of the Winema National Forest, which offers opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Visit destinations such as Crater Lake Rim, the Gearhart Wilderness, and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.
  10. Photography: Capture the natural beauty and diverse landscapes of Klamath County through photography. From majestic mountains to serene lakeshores, there are endless opportunities for stunning photographs.

Far enough away to get the privacy that you want, but close enough to visit all the time!

Zoning: Residential – Residential – minimum 300 square feet https://www.klamathcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/2655/Development-on-Rural-Residential-Property-PDF .

Camping- 21 days for 6 months period – 42 days total in a year

RV- 21 days for 6 months period – 42 days total in a year

Water: Possible well or Water Hauling

Septic: Septic can be installed

Power: Power is nearby

Address: Rim Dr, Chiloquin, OR 97624

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/cm2sotSpaX6QB62fA

NW GPS: 42.478504 , -121.413372

NE GPS: 42.478907 , -121.410588

SW GPS: 42.477924 , -121.413386

SE GPS: 42.477944 , -121.410339

Nearby Cities:

Chiloquin ( 35 Mins / 31.3 Miles )

Klamath Falls ( 59 Mins / 46.8 Miles )

Medford ( 2 Hr , 8 Mins / 116 Miles )

Redding, CA ( 3 Hr , 12 Mins / 186 Miles )

Video of the Property:


Discount Cash Price: $11,399.00, plus $399 document fee (non-refundable) or alternatively…

Owner Financing Price: $12,399, Only a $1,050 down payment required!! $651 in equity and $399 non-refundable document fee. Payment as low as $309 per month.

  • We are a small family business. Because our owner, Dave Denniston, enjoys making land ownership available to families like yours who want to create memories for years to come we are flexible and can make this property fit any budget. We offer owner financing with a land contract. We will transfer with a warranty deed and always guarantee a clean title.

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