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Being a professional in the real estate field, selling properties is your bread and butter. The biggest challenges we face in this business is identifying and implementing new marketing strategies to connect with your potential buyer. As the majority of properties today are found, researched and purchased online, there is no escaping the importance of dynamic listing exposure.


So leverage the power of one of the fastest growing real estate networks on the web. Integrating innovative strategies for our properties, we effectively target and attract potential buyers, both nationally and abroad. Connecting with new markets has never been easier.


As a nationally recognized real estate marketplace, our site is open for realtors, wholesalers, and private sellers and their properties. With the right tools for exposure in place, your focus can shift to what truly matters: building your brand, connecting with buyers, and closing more deals.


The process is simple. Create a free account and personalize your profile. Our members get access to some of most powerful tools created specifically for wholesalers and real estate professionals. Once created, your account and Storefront allows you to access our platform and take advantage of all the tools designed to attract buyers and sell more properties.

Brand Exposure

Your properties are unique and so is the service you provide. Build your profile, grow your brand and engage with our global real estate community. Your contact information, website, logo and service details are shared allowing you to easily connect with your future customers.

A New Level of Networking

Our success model is based on effective networking and the ability to connect with a widest range of buyers, sellers, investors and industry professionals. With thousands of daily site visitors actively searching for the right property, let’s promote yours!

Global Marketing Approach

A global economy has opened up unprecedented sales opportunities and expanded the market to all corners of the globe. Our completely unique marketing approach also focuses on the international market, presenting your property to the overseas buyer. Covering all bases, we focus on finding all potential buyers for your property!

Local Branding

Your free account will appear under the "local professional" section of the site, notifying potential buyers that you’re in the area and ready to help them make a purchase. Innovative Marketing Strategies

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Your Profile will include access to unique tools and strategies designed specifically to connect you with active buyers looking for your type of property. Access our extensive network of real estate blogs, social media groups, and online marketplaces. Our completely unique application, Alertik®, is a great tool for real-time property listing notifications. Create your listing and instantly notify potential buyers already looking for your type of property.

Exclusive Access to Alertik®

Speaking of Alertik®, our service includes exclusive access to this powerful app. Buyers create detailed parameters for their search and are only notified if their criteria is met. Notify the market actively searching for your property in real time and connect with the buyer as soon as your property is listed. No other app or real estate tool has the power to show interested and eager buyers your listing once it goes up.

Boost Your Listing

Options to boost your your listing brings more exposure and increases visibility for your properties. Our sellers become noticed and gain recognition via our heavy online marketing campaigns including all social media channels, internet search engines and a vast network of high traffic real estate sites and groups.

Complete Access to NetWealth Trusted Partners

Success in real estate is based on effective networking and the ability to connect with your target market. With our wide range of buyers, sellers, investors and industry professionals actively searching for the right property, let’s promote them yours!

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Once you’re account is created, you’ll have the option to add a storefront. With three plans to choose from, just pick one that fits your requirements.

Get Discovered by International Market

A global economy has opened up unprecedented opportunities in sales and expanded the market to all corners of the globe. Our completely unique marketing approach also focuses on the international market, presenting your property to the overseas buyer. Being the only platform to offer this service, we cover all avenues to get your property sold!

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Add a Storefront

Our plans are priced to be the lowest amongst similar online listing services and offers a full range of features that are exclusively available with our network. With 3 different plans to choose from, you can customize an option that matches your business model.


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Up to 100 Listings

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With so many different channels of online marketing today, why choose several when you can cover all grounds with just one click?

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