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Unrestricted Land - What Does It Really Mean?

Unrestricted land usually means that the land doesn't come with the same restrictions homeowner's associations impose, like home size, color or style. You may be able to place a mobile home or a tiny home on the property. There may not be any restrictions on animals either. But there are other things that need to be co...

What are Tiny Houses and Are They Worth It?

Tiny houses are taking the world by storm. A lot of people are selling their larger homes and building or purchasing a tiny home. And they’re saving a lot of money in the process. A friend of mine recently did this for the purpose of being able to travel with the money she saves on her mortgage.When we discuss “tin...

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House Yourself?

Imagine being able to build your dream home with your own two hands. As romantic as it sounds, building a home takes a great deal of time, work, dedication and skill. But if you have what it takes to tackle this monumental – but rewarding task – you may be wondering if it’s even possible to do it yourself and how...

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts and How Do They Work?

When it comes to real estate investments, you'll see a lot of people talking about REITs, or real estate investment trusts. Some people call them "real estate investment stock."There are a lot of advantages to REITS (pronounced like the word "treats"), but if you're new to investing, you may not know what they are. We'...

Business Ideas for Vacant Land - How to Create Income Producing Assets

Vacant land can become an income producing asset. Land is valuable, and while land may be most valuable when a structure is built on it, this doesn't mean it can start producing income for you now.We're going to explore a few business ideas for vacant land that owners can implement to make money off of their property.H...

How Blockchain Could Change the Real Estate Industry

You've heard of cryptocurrencies – unless you've been living under a rock – but you're not sure how they work. Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, is run on what's called distributed ledger technology, or blockchain.And while economists are skeptical about the virtual currency industry, they're sure about...

What Does the Right of Refusal Mean in Real Estate?

The first right of refusal in real estate is a provision an agreement or lease that gives a potentially interested party the right to buy the property before the seller negotiates other offers. This provision is typically drawn up before the seller puts the property up for sale.Let's take a closer look at what the righ...

Avoid Being Scammed on Craigslist and eBay When Buying Property

Just about anything you can imagine can be bought and sold on eBay and Craigslist, from old toasters to vintage record collections, and yes, even property. While these sites have come a long way over the years and buyer protection measures are in place in some cases, it’s still important to be on the lookout for scam...

How to Get into Commercial Real Estate Investing & What You Need to Know

When you think of real estate investing, commercial property is usually the first thing that comes to mind. After all, commercial development is where the money is at. As lucrative as it may be, commercial property is not the type of investment you want to dive head-first into without an education.How Commercial Real E...

Flipping Houses or Rental Properties - Which Is More Profitable?

You're ready to invest in real estate, but you've hit a brick wall: you don't know whether to rent out your new property, or flip it for a quick profit. Flipping is tempting - it's quick and can be lucrative - but is the most profitable solution?Every investor has their own opinion on which route will make you the most...

California Areas for Land & Property Investments in Q1 - Q2 2018

Several cities in California topped the list for the hottest real estate markets in 2017. For those looking to invest in land and property in the state, these top cities are your best bet.San JoseIt's no surprise that San Jose is on this list. Real estate prices in the city have been steadily rising over the last year...

What Are the Best Ways to Secure Commercial & Development Construction Loans?

Commercial and development construction loans are difficult to navigate. A large developer with a long track record may have an easier time securing a construction loan, but small investors with not much capital to contribute will find that commercial construction loans are rather difficult to obtain. Lender Types to C...

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Gary Hennessy
Feb 22, 2014

Beautiful 160 Acre Ranch In Box Elder County, Utah!

My experience with Land Century and their employees has been most impressive. They were quick to respond to any questions i had, and were very helpful. I would recommend their service to any one. Thanks!

Jennifer P.
Apr 3, 2014

Own a little of sunny Florida?

After months of looking everywhere to buy some property in the US, scanning many web sites and contacting many people and places, I find a deal that was easy and simple with Alex at Land Century. I just want to be able to help others experience this also.

B. S.
Sep 4, 2014

Terrific Land Sellers

Alex and Rina are terrific to do business with. They are professinal in every way ... they answer the phone and they will call you back if necessary... and most importantly, they answer your questions directly and specifically. Spper goo job!!! I would buy from them again!!!

Feb 4, 2016

Awesome service and legit company

I love working with the staff at land century... they were prompt in responding to any questions I may have about the lot I purchased. The staff at land century delivered what they promised and demonstrated great professionalism.