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Guide to Clearing Land: Costs & Options to Consider

Whether a property owner wants to clear some land to build a home, add aesthetic value, or reduce tree disease spread, clearing land is a necessary yet labor-intensive process. Below is a debriefing on what to expect when clearing land and how to properly clear land. Solo Land Clearing: CostsSolo clearing may be the m...

Foreclosure 101: What is It and How Does It Work?

There’s bound to be at least one foreclosed property in any town, but foreclosure as a process might seem unclear to those new to the housing market or first-time homeowners. Foreclosure is a fate most people want to avoid, so learning about foreclosure and the many steps before it happens is the best way to protect...

Emerging US Areas with Affordable Properties and Land

It’s no secret that some areas in the US are no longer affordable for most residents. News outlets have recounted shocking stories about the prices of real estate in places like New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago. Big-city home costs are pricing out middle-class American and making it nearly impossible to sett...

Using Your 401k to Invest in Real Estate - Advantages & Drawbacks

You want to get in on the real estate boom, but you don't have the liquid cash to get started. You may be able to use your retirement options to invest in real estate. Primarily, we're going to be discussing investing using your 401k plan.What's important to know is that a traditional 401 (k) will not allow you to inve...

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Gary Hennessy

Beautiful 160 Acre Ranch In Box Elder County, Utah!

My experience with Land Century and their employees has been most impressive. They were quick to respond to any questions i had, and were very helpful. I would recommend their service to any one. Thanks!

Jennifer P.

Own a little of sunny Florida?

After months of looking everywhere to buy some property in the US, scanning many web sites and contacting many people and places, I find a deal that was easy and simple with Alex at Land Century. I just want to be able to help others experience this also.

B. S.

Terrific Land Sellers

Alex and Rina are terrific to do business with. They are professinal in every way ... they answer the phone and they will call you back if necessary... and most importantly, they answer your questions directly and specifically. Spper goo job!!! I would buy from them again!!!


Awesome service and legit company

I love working with the staff at land century... they were prompt in responding to any questions I may have about the lot I purchased. The staff at land century delivered what they promised and demonstrated great professionalism.