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How to Get into Commercial Real Estate Investing & What You Need to Know

When you think of real estate investing, commercial property is usually the first thing that comes to mind. After all, commercial development is where the money is at. As

Flipping Houses or Rental Properties - Which Is More Profitable?

You're ready to invest in real estate, but you've hit a brick wall: you don't know whether to rent out your new property, or flip it for a quick profit. Flipping is tempting

California Areas for Land & Property Investments in Q1 - Q2 2018

Several cities in California topped the list for the hottest real estate markets in 2017. For those looking to invest in land and property in the state, these top cities are your

What Are the Best Ways to Secure Commercial & Development Construction Loans?

Commercial and development construction loans are difficult to navigate. A large developer with a long track record may have an easier time securing a construction loan, but small

The Essential Guide to Real Estate Contracts and Agreements

Real estate exchanges hands every day. Whether you're purchasing, selling, leasing or renting out real estate, it's important that you have contracts and agreements in place

The Complications of Doing International Real Estate Deals

International real estate deals require you to be diligent. You'll want to hire a professional to ensure the deal goes through without an issue. Professionals can be a broker

Does Government Land Turn Out to be Actually Cheaper?

You've wanted to invest in land for years, and people keep telling you that government land is cheaper to purchase. It's something that you may have spent a lot of time

Land Prices Expected to Rise in These U.S. Areas in 2018

Looking for the next hot spot to invest in land in the U.S.? The housing market can provide helpful clues that will help you pinpoint up-and-coming spots where prices are expected

Real Estate Investing 101: Importance of Portfolio Diversification

Real estate is like any other investment - you need to diversify your portfolio. If you have a portfolio filled with only one type of real estate, you're putting yourself at a

How to Start Investing in Real Estate with Less Than $1,000

So you want to get started in real estate investing, but you don't have a lot of money. Most people wrongly assume that you need a pile of cash to invest in real estate, but you

How Stable is the Real Estate Market in the USA?

The real estate market has been on the rise for the past 2 - 4 years, depending on the area, after a collapse in 2007 - 2008. Economic recovery has remained on course for the 8th

What Is Property & Mortgage Trading and How Does It Work?

Selling homes can be difficult. Your home may not be at the same value prior to the foreclosure crisis, or you may have a home that you can't unload. A lot of people in Florida

Disability Rights and Responsibilities for Commercial Landlords

Is your commercial property accessible for people with physical disabilities? A surprising number are not. Commercial property lawsuits tied to the Americans with Disabilities Act

When's the Best Time to Buy and Sell Real Estate?

You know what they say: To everything there is a season. The real estate market is no different. Any smart investor - and real estate agent - will tell you that market conditions

Main Advantages of Buying a Mobile Home; And Where to Find Cheap Ones

Mobile homes get a bad reputation, but a lot of people are turning to these affordable home options because housing prices are too high. A traditional stick built home has the

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Houses In Need Of Renovation

It's a romantic idea - buying a fixer-upper and making it your own. But there are homes that need renovations, and then there are homes that need a complete overhaul. It's easy to

Will Wealthy Foreign Investors Consume Massive Parcels of US Land?

Land in the United States is plentiful. Even if you grew up in an area that was once filled with farms and now is turning into a mini city, you may not realize how rural your city

In What Cases Do Real Estate Properties Appreciate in Value?

What makes a property appreciate in value? When investing in property, be it land or real estate, value is one of the most important considerations – especially if you plan on

Land Century Essay Scholarship 2017-2018

As a leading real estate platform, specializing in affordable land & properties across the US, and more specifically California and Florida, one of our core values is to empower

What Are the Best Options to Finance a Multi-Family Property?

Multi-family properties are the optimal choice for real estate investors that aim to rent out units to make money. And many people will choose to live on the property, too, so

The Future of Small Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is normally a prime investment because it allows you to own a very valuable piece of land. Investors that gobble up commercial real estate have the option

What is a Real Estate Inspection Period and How Long Does It Take

You’ve found the perfect piece of property, and you’ve put in an offer. You signed the contract, but now you’ve entered into an inspection period. What exactly is an inspection

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting with Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate can deliver lucrative returns, but if you make the wrong moves, you may wind up losing money. A bad real estate investment can quickly turn into a money

Selling Your Land? Where to List It and How to Sell Quickly

Selling a piece of land is nothing like selling a home. Many sellers go into the process thinking they’ll have no trouble unloading their property, but finding a committed buyer