Introducing the Land Century Mobile App - Free Mobile Marketplace for Buying & Selling Real Estate


Created on Saturday, August 08, 2020
Updated on Sunday, August 09, 2020
by Land Century

Here, at Land Century, we always strive to deliver excellent customer experience matched with incredible real estate products and offers. Our main goal is facilitating the contact between buyers and sellers, creating frictionless transactions and new business opportunities between them. As such, we embrace new technology and focus on improving the traditional real estate buy-sell process.

With the consistent growth of mobile device usage, a lot of real estate market opportunities remain isolated in various platforms or individual offline channels. Property listing and advertising costs have massively ramped up, making it difficult for both sellers (distributing properties) and buyers alike (finding great buying & investing opportunities). 

With that in mind, we have been working hard behind the curtains to create a new type of real estate marketplace, with a unique focus on social networking that allows buyers and sellers to easily connect, negotiate, discuss, buy and sell properties. All of that, for free! 

We are introducing the new Land Century mobile app. 

How does it work?

Searching for properties is as easy as typing the location you're interested in, or merely browsing through all featured listings. 

Signing-in via email, or your Google/Facebook profile, would open up all additional interactions on the app, such as liking properties, engaging in discussions with sellers/buyers, leaving reviews, asking questions or contacting other participants. Once logged in the platform, you would also be able to start selling directly. 

Why use the app?

• Completely free

• Great way to connect with sellers or buyers

• Build a consistent stream of new deals

• Find below market price opportunities

• Easily sell properties with a tap of your finger

• Follow favourite sellers and be the first to know when a new opportunity comes up

Download today from:

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