Feedback & Testimonials

For Westview Land
from Gabriel Montoya

rip off and scammers stay away from these people they sold me land and did not disclose there is a private easement on the only usable piece so the land is useless and non buildable and was advertised online as buildable lot .

For Alex Revnew
from Josh McLean

I can’t wait to go camping on the land I bought from him. Super affordable low monthly payments with no hidden fees.

For Landville, LLC
from Zaliya

Happy with my purchase. Got my paperwork fast.

For Test User
from Test

Beautiful picture

For Alex Revnew
from Anna White

For Alex Revnew
from Anna

He was terrible and is greedy

For Alex Revnew
from Mike Tropelman

Purchasing land with Alex was fast and easy. I would highly recommend him.

For Amanda Oberhaus
from Rachel

This is a scam. This is my property and is not for sale.

For Erik Peterson
from Carl taylor

Good prices and easy terms works for me

from Brittany B

I wanted to add an update to my review. I want to say Richard, with Elk Creek, is absolutely amazing. He is truly an honest professional, who takes pride in his transactions. We had some surprise tax information arise that was far more than we expected from the previous year. We were confused by this and immediately contacted Richard about the issue. He was on the ball right away to take care of the taxes that were owed for 2020 without question. All communication with him was friendly and productive despite the situation (he should have not been liable for these taxes either as they were from the previous year). I was to commend him on his quick action and customer service. I have, and will continue, to recommend him and his company to individuals looking for land. I couldn't be happier with our interaction with him and the service provided.

For Landville LLC
from Dennis B

Land in Alford was beautiful. As advertised. Filing of paperwork went smoothly. Happy with my purchase.

For Landville LLC
from Christine O

Happy with my 10 Acre purchase in Marfa. Received deeds fast and transaction was very transparent. Recommend this team.

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Shawn Wells

Magnificent, Professional, and Cost Effective!!! ☝

For Josiah Stacy
from null null


For Alex Revnew
from Dylan Steven

Easy to deal with .

For Patrick Domingues
from Patrick Domingues

A great dealer and very honest. I recommend

For Landville, LLC
from Lance

This company is clearly a scam. As soon as I told the woman I was speaking to that I planned to do everything on the up and up, including purchasing title insurance, going through escrow, etc. so that everything would be safe for me, the lady I was talking to said the land I was interested in would not be a good investment for me after all. I recommend that you steer clear of these people...Landville...whoever they are.

For Alex Revnew
from Dylan

Quick and reliable . Recommend

For Alex Revnew
from Celaya

Great communication,Not only bought one but 4 property s because of good no great service, I give that a 5 plus!!!!!!

For Alex Revnew
from Dylan Steven

Quick and reliable service .

For Landville LLC
from Wesley Lewis

Excellent, Purchased Beautiful fixer-upper 1860 Victorian converted into a tri-plex for 85% off, within 90 days I have Electrical and plumbing in the back unit and working toward full restoration, definitely recommend for investment opportunities. Whole process incredibly convenient, Highly Recommend.

For Rachel Woodard
from Darven

I do not advise dealing with this company. Shady practices and they do not answer simple basic questions. Red flags everywhere.

For Anju Dhawan
from Keith

For Cathleen Nation

My experience with selling my vacant parcel of land while I lived OUT OF STATE was a smooth and very stress-free process. Cathy is a true real estate professional and will answer her phone when you call! The closing attorney office and her team of associates all work very hard for you! Highly recommend !

For Shahin Sal
from Justin

I purchase 1.2 acres property last month. The transaction was smooth and took 2 weeks to transfer title. I would like to say thank you Shahin. Great experience.

For Auction Flippers LLC
from M. Lolles

Excellent experience. I worked with Donnel Williams who was professional, knowledgeable, honest, and did everything he said he would with precision. I am very happy with my transaction and interactions with this firm. I have complete confidentce in Mr. Williams and this company. I highly recommend them.

For Landville LLC
from Tariq Malt

Rina and Jenny thank you. Received my documents. High level of professionalism.

For Jaren Barnes
from Denise

Hello, I received a letter from you, saying you specialize in helping exchange “unwanted” land for cash. I would recommend that you NEVER put that as the first sentence when trying to buy someones beautiful property for a third it’s value. Do not send any offers. Remove me from your mailing list.

For Erik Peterson
from Allan

Made it super easy I bought property in Georgetown in the process was so easy and convenient thank you

Peter was excellent to work with, very professional. I would gladly work with him again

For Erik Peterson
from Cody Blouw

Josh was an extremely helpful guide to making sure I had every single detail of the property. Everything from GPS coordinates to nearby riparian status etc. Josh was patient and responded very timely. Financing was readily available and easily accessible which is something that can really make or break a deal. So on a personal note it’s nice to work with someone that’s on your side and works with you. I’ll be coming back soon to purchase a parcel in Tucson as well. Highly recommend working with Josh.

For Matt Nunn
from Genet A. Admekom

Beautiful family picture.

For Erik Peterson
from John M. Landry, Ph.D.

This company is awesome! Both Josh and Erik were a pleasure to work with. They were courteous and fair. I highly recommend this company!

For Erik Peterson
from Joshua rupnow

The process was delayed but that was my fault. There was an issue with signing hut aside from that landopia was a smooth and friendly process working with Erik and Josh. Would highly recommend

For Landville LLC
from Anacene

Thank you very much, we'll continuing of doing business in the future for sure!!!

For Erik Peterson
from Theresa

Excellent service and honest transactions. Erik has provided a transparent and flexible way for land acquisition. He's been very responsive and attentive throughout the whole process. I've been a customer of his for over 4 years. I appreciate the ability to ask questions and to receive answers within a timely manner. I have also referred friends and family who may be in the market for land acquisition.

For Landville LLC
from Ken

Great, thank you so much! This has been a very easy transaction. I was skeptical and almost did not go through with it. I want you to know I looked at the property before I purchased it and I am very pleased with it and the price. Should you need a reference for another prospective buyer in the future you are more than welcome to give them my info. Respectfully, Ken

For Erik Peterson
from Steven C.

best buying experience, Erik was always ready to answer any questions and did everything possible to make this easy experience in life. A+

For Landville, LLC
from David Walters

I bought land through Landville for the first time recently. The transaction was smooth and painless. I received my Warranty Deed as expected. I followed up with the county just to make sure it was all legal and properly recorded; and it was! I am now the happy owner of a really nice Arizona property. I would use Landville again.

For Joseph Moore
from Annie

For Auction Flippers LLC
from John Saint Ange

Mel and Bernadette are great and awesome to work with they deserves more than 5 stars, I would say and give them both 10 out of 10 stars. I purchased many property from Auction Flippers and their level of services is always been exceptionally great, outstanding and professional. They both are the dynamic duo! Many, many thanks to Mel and Bernadette, keep up the stellar attitude, characteristics and services. My experience with Mel and Bernadette has always been awe-inspiring.

from Brittany B

Probably one of the most honest experiences I've had. Richard answered every question honestly, regardless if he didnt have one. He was flexible and even rescheduled a flight to meet with us. He met us in person to do the proper paperwork at with the county. Talking to him was easy, you will not find a kinder person to work with. I will recommend him, and will stay in touch for future transactions.

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Mark G

Thank you Mel for all your help with my purchase. You are the best!

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Keegan

For Landville LLC
from John B

Rina is a professional in her field and maintain high standard of honesty in her work. She is very organized and always answers with poise and confidence. Thank you for your help, Rina.

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Mark Genis

I want to thank Mel for all her hospitality and partnership as she has been nothing less than professional and a pleasure to do business with.

For Erik Peterson
from Richard and Donna Rundell

Josh and Eric, Thanks so much for all your help with the purchase we made. Josh, you answered more questions about multiple properties than should have been asked, and we thank you for that. Eric, thanks for the seamless closing. I have a feeling we will be dealing with you again. Many Thanks!

For Brent Bowers
from Brent Bowers

For Brent Bowers
from Brent Bowers