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For Gokce Capital LLC
from Lauren Dalh

I bought a property in Valencia County, NM from them. Erica was very helpful and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

For Gokce Capital LLC
from William Sleiman

Misleading price

For David Denniston
from Ryan & Robert

David went above and beyond being helpful. He made my purchase easy and enjoyable, and it was a breeze. I will definitely do business with him again!

For David Denniston
from Julio L.

This man didn't hack anyone, and has great opportunities in different states land for sale!!!! Unrelated, he also saved my marriage!!!

For David Denniston
from Maggie Weldy

Dave is very dedicated to his clients & knows the real estate market. We just purchased a property in Park County. The best thing is there is everything clearly written in the description.

For Gokce Capital LLC
from Hollis Harris

Extremely misleading price points, poor format meant to initially make you think the price is extremely low, and then gives you the real price. It's just plain tacky. I hope this fool never makes a sale. Screw this guy.

For David Denniston
from Cheryl Lynn Warner

Working with Dave has been a pleasure. Response time was excellent. He answered all my questions and was very helpful. It was great working with a professional team.

For David Denniston
from Zachary Calhoun

Great people there and really genuine they help you with any questions and work with you if you do payments, prices are very reasonable too , would definetly recommend going through them if your looking to invest in your own land couldnt ask for more thanks guys

For David Denniston
from Luis M.

Generation Family Properties helped my father and our family buy land in Colorado with no problem. For being over the internet, we sure felt secured in dealing over the internet and from afar. They helped us with financing and the buying leaving us very happy. Highly recommend them.

For David Denniston
from Marc Smith & Crista Harbison

Dave went above and beyond being helpful. He made my purchase easy and enjoyable, and it was a breeze. I will definitely do business with him again!

For David Denniston
from Jose Anguel Gurrola

Very Friendly and Helpful. Dave was extremely helpful in guiding me through my first property purchase. I highly recommend Landcentury they are very trustworthy and accommodating.

For David Denniston
from Kyle Fisher

The Best Agent Ever. I have been looking at land for the past year and I knew exactly what I was looking for. When I was ready to buy I contact the agent on the website for a live chat and that was the best thing I could have done. I originally only wanted an 1 acre as I often admired the low prices on the 5 acre lots . Dave provided me with some great advise and offer to help find me a 5 acre lot for the price that I was looking for. We ended up locating the perfect lot and Dave was there even on the weekends to answer my questions and get the ball rolling. I would say that I would recommend Dave of Generation Family Properties to anyone. Perfect fit for my needs. Thank you for all your help Dave until next time.

For David Denniston
from Scott Donovan

Yes I do recommend Dave and Generation Family Properties! Great to work with…..made it very easy for me to purchase my get-a-way property! And….yes there are elk on it!!! Thank you Dave!!

For David Denniston
from Carlos Brown

I would need many more than 140 characters to explain how awesome Dave was throughout the entire property purchase process. He's a true pro. If you are moving to Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico & Arizona--there is only one realtor to use--and that is like Dave Denniston of the Generation Family Properties. I'll never use another realtor and neither should you. His greatest attribute, "he listens" and then asks thought provoking questions which insures you get what you really want.

For David Denniston
from Jennifer Armenia

Dave and the team at Generation Family Properties made it so easy to purchase land. The low monthly payments made our dream of owning land in Colorado come true. We’re looking forward to working with them again in the future. Great people, great company, great experience – highly recommended.

For Erik Peterson
from Tayle Borton

My experience with Eric was nothing short of amazing. I had quick responses to my questions with clear answers. I never felt in the dark or left behind in any of the process. In the future I am sure I will buy more land. We have been enjoying visiting our property and we couldn’t be more thankful for this experience that was made very easy. Highly recommend buying land from Eric!!

For Erik Peterson
from Anonymous

Working w/ Erik by far I'm Ecstatic on this Wealth Building Strategy;)

For Omar Bortolato
from Andrea

Good seller

For Robert Hurlburt
from Robert Hurlburt

Lots of Land Corp purchased my vacant lot in Lee co FL. They was very respectful and fast. I would definitely recommend them to my family.

For Erik Peterson
from Christopher Holcombe Sr

I have always been a skeptical consumer, especially when purchasing anything on the internet (sight unseen). However, Erik sold me land in Texas, and I wanted to wait for my deed to arrive, before placing this review. Well, the deed arrived in the mail yesterday (signed by the County Clerk's office), I was able to verify it with a phone call to the Clerk's office yesterday, and now I am happy to provide this very positive feedback. Erik was a professional throughout. Great communication via email and voice calls. His implementation of the latest IT technology in his website and payment system is terrific. He was thorough and answered all my questions. I do recommend Erik as an honest broker of land. He is trustworthy, and made it easy.

For Landville LLC
from Bradley Davis

I also started this process with a little man in my head thinking... This is a scam. But honestly after talking with Alex he explained to me exactly what it is they do and he told me they honestly know very little on property’s. He also explained that I need to go do my research and I promised him if everything checked out I would buy the property. I said I would be the first to buy using the new app but I do apologize Alex lol that’s how bad I am at the internet... so just imagine my paranoia buying land on line..... I waited till I received my deed and everything was complete before I wrote this. Honestly I would recommend and ask you to make the call to Alex.. Very personal and honest and would definitely and already have told people about them... five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All day long.. Thanks Again Alex & Anna for everything

Very Knowledged and professional. It was a pleasure working with Yan.

For Erik Peterson
from Micah C Morgan

I was surprised at how streamlined the process of my land purchase was. Eric was knowledgeable and informative of the land I was interested in. Any questions I had were answered thoroughly and there was no pressure put on me to buy anything at all from I felt he went above and beyond to make the transaction smooth and easy. When my current property is paid off, I will be buying another from

For Paul Burrowes
from Andrew Hall

The best seller i have seen yet, great man.

from Ian slater

I did business here a few months ago. Great folks. No problims easy.

For Robert Hurlburt
from Robert Hurlburt

Very nice

For David Denniston
from Paul

I’d give less but I had to push a star! I was in the process of getting this property l, I had them send me the contract which gave me 24 hours to sign and send in. Within that time someone contacted them to buy it. I wasn’t given the option to purchase this property in the time frame I was promised. I told them I wanted to call the county and verify some things and they ghost me and sell it to another. Very shady and unprofessional. Beware!!!!!!

For Gokce Capital LLC
from Norm K.

Deceptive. Every listing belonging to this seller shows fake property photos and a down payment fee as the listing price to get you to click on it.

For SunCity Realty
from Ruth Head

Alex is very dedicated to his clients and knows the real estate market.

For SunCity Realty
from Josh Justus

Alex found the perfect home for our family we couldn't be happier with our experience!

For SunCity Realty
from Maggie Lynch

Alex works diligently to assure your buying or selling experience goes as smooth as possible. And be prepared to laugh because he is funny and makes everything as enjoyable as possible.

For SunCity Realty
from Melissa L.

Alex listens to you and work hard to find the right home for you. He's funny and outgoing. He listens to you and works hard to find the right home for you.

For SunCity Realty
from Diva Elizab

Best of the Best

For SunCity Realty
from William Hunter

Alex Garkusha went above and beyond with helping us. He was so flexible, helpful, and always there for support. Although our situation was a bit stressful, he was happy to help. Highly recommend!

For SunCity Realty
from Marina Reyes

My husband and I worked with Alex Garkusha, when purchasing our home. Alex was great! He was very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

For APXN Property LLC
from Faith Tackett

She was very responsive to all our questions and concerns.

For APXN Property LLC
from Anthony

They are absolutely amazing.

For Erik Peterson
from Jeff

Erik made the whole process simple and easy. Very impressed so far with anticipation of continued great customer service.

For The Lot Shop
from The Lot Shop

For SunCity Realty
from T. S.

Very patient and attentive. This was a great experience. I bought my first parcel online today way below the appraisal price. Alex Garkusha is very good at what he does and he will call you back answer all questions and assist you after the sale is complete. Great costumer service in my opinion. I will be buying more property very soon from Alex.

For Drew Kurianowicz
from Earl Patterson

Thank you for selling me this Elko, Nevada 2.82 land. All paperwork done on a computer without any problem. I'm very excited to build my first house. I'm thinking of Earthship mmmm... Maybe a tiny house. Thank again :)

For Infiniti Properties Inc
from craig

i like their tacos and their bean dip

For Delta Land Deals
from Allan V

These guys were very helpful in helping me find a great lot. The closing process was painless and fast! If I build another home, I will call these guys first.

For Bid4Assets
from Philipe Batisti

Amazing user friendly platform for buyers and sellers.

For Landville LLC
from Christine L

Jenny was professional with paperwork. I got my recorded deed within 2 days. Thank you.

For Landville, LLC
from Christine L

Happy with my transaction. The paperwork went smoothly and Jenny was very professional. I got my deed within a week fully recorded. Thank you.

For APXN Property LLC
from Rob

Make sure you look at the property in person

For SunCity Realty
from Austin

This man definitely didn't hack anyone, and has great land for sale!!! Unrelated, he also saved my marriage!!!

For Lana Efremova
from Tamur Rasul

Lana is beyond knowledgeable, will go out of her way to help you secure a property unique to your needs and is very genuine! Thanks Lana!! Ta’Mur

For Landville LLC
from James J

Rashed went above and beyond being helpful. He made my purchase easy and enjoyable, and it was a breeze. I will definitely do business with him again!