Feedback & Testimonials

For Landville, LLC
from Teresa

Rina was very clear about the paperwork process. Received my deed today. Very happy with the land and the transaction process.

For Erik Peterson
from Javier

Good and easy buying process, very professional company.

For William Goldberg
from Renee Bova (mom)

Go back to school.

For Alex Revnew

SCAM keeps selling property and collecting payments that elsewhere is listed as sold. Unable to contact agent. BEWARE!!!!

For Dietmar Zirngast
from Hank Nuwer

I ranked Dietmar Zirngast and his unresponsive, unprofessional Noricum Corporation a one, only because there was no zero available. He went months of ignoring my emails for a payoff. His treasurer, operating out of a UPS office, would anser no questions at all. Worse, the Alaska Alexander Creek property I bought in 2016 misled me by saying it was prime salmon country. After I paid off the purchase early this year, I am still waiting for the deed. On his own, Dietmar hired a lawyer who wants $1,000 to record a $10 deed. He foolishly made the arrangements and won't give me the deed until I pay the lawyer the fee he owes. I have reported him to California and Alaska authorities. If you don't do due diligence, he'll "do you" but good. See my web site for more--Hank Nuwer

For The Lot Shop
from The Promotions Department, LLC

Fantastic company to work with, very professional, nice and the process was smooth and easy. Now we have property to build our first homestead, let the good time's roll. Now the adventure begins! 5 Stars for The Lot Shop!

For Daintree Acres
from Joseph

Thank you for your help. Great service. Their process is very easy to understand and they answer every questions I have.

For Alex Revnew
from M Celaya

Got to let all know! If your looking for the guy to help you reach out and grab your dreams of owning property! Alex is the guy look no further, Any way possible He makes all dreams come true!!!

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Monica

I sold my property with this company on their site. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Excellent job. Thanks.

For todd ferris
from K warchol

The Work you are doing is not well. I'm not sure about your work so i will leave Your this site.

For todd ferris
from Jackie Valdez

Great investments for a very low capital. Thank you so much.

from Jack

This company should stop trying to low ball people out of there land. Trying to get your land for nothing——so you could live up under a bride!!!——

For todd ferris
from John Henderson

I want to thank you for a great deal and such a simple process.

For todd ferris
from Inyang Ikpe

Andrea Nyuna, you have to do your own research on any property you’re interested in. Never expect the seller to be 100 % open/ honest with you about anything. I have an agent who tells me to be careful on this site because the properties are cheap for one reason or the other. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but you must do your homework for example, can you build a minimum size house on it required by the county/city?

For Alex Revnew
from Chase White

Alex was friendly and easy to work with. If I was in the market for another parcel I would definitely reach out to him.

For Arthur Williams
from Michael

Arthur made the purchasing process fast and simple. He was very responsive and helpful. All documents were executed quickly and I received my deed within one week. Highly recommend working with Arthur!

For todd ferris
from Andrea Nyuna

he sold me a property i cant do anything with

For Craig Lyons
from Craig Lyons

Land Century provides both land investors and buyers with an excellent platform. The platform is simply the best when compared to other real estate and land advertising services. Not only the pricing is competitive, but the responses and ease with making advertisement makes me confident to list parcels on this platform. The service is focused on satisfying customers and not just collecting monthly fees like other advertising platforms.

For John Liah
from Joy Pierce

John was absolutely wonderful in walking me through my first land purchase! In under 24 hours, after expressing interest in a lot, I was provided with more than enough information to make a decision to buy, as well as clear and concise instructions throughout the whole process. It was a great experience. I highly recommend Liahlands for your first or next land purchase!

For CavLand Properties
from vincent

Nice down to earth guy, responded to my message right away and answered all my questions.

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Samanantha

Scammers! UCTIO or Auction Flippers, whatever they call themselves. They are foreigners who pretend they are are in the states. The website says they are in "Florida", the phone numbers are in New York, the 800 line is overseas, their emails look suspicious and blown out. When you ask the where they are located, they will not tell you or give you a direct answer. They do not have warranty deeds.If you really get to speak to someone, you hear roosters in the backgroud, and kid playing. They will not answer anything except, send me the money. There is not even any offer to go and look at the property. Run from these people! They will ask for money and you will never see them again. There are plenty of bad reviews online, just search. Also look at their reviews below on their own website a lady named "Conception" reviewed them multiple times trying to get their numbers up. Its SCAM 101. Dont be cat-fished, Dre or Eva or not even real people, they do not hold a valid real estate license either. Please ask questions and educate yourselves!

For Landplicity LLC
from Michael McLeish

Mike is amazing! Great place to bring my business

For Landplicity LLC
from Brent

Best Land Seller in Colorado! We Love Irene

This company doesn’t own any of these homes that they have listed. I called the county in which these homes are located and for the five I asked for they informed me that the county themself actually owned them. The county also informed me that their fraud department was now investigating this company.

For Drew Kurianowicz
from CB

Drew sent me an offer in the mail for HALF the value of my property. This is what these scammers do. They steal your property then re-sell it for what it's worth & make 100% profit. Sad part is that he's proud of his unethical behavior. Stay away from this person!

For Amy Breazeale
from Kenya Miller

Honest real estate fast response made my dreams come true great financing awesome opportunity great company to work with and owning a piece of land

For Kristy Limon
from Jason

I have bought 2 properties with Kristy. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful! We will definitely buying more!

For Auction Flippers LLC
from Isaac Mashman

I recently bought my first two properties through Auction Flippers LLC and was pleasantly surprised. Eva helped me through the process and was extremely proactive with the entire process. I'm honestly looking forward to doing future business together!

For Westview Land
from Andrew Norman

Nice Seller! _____________________

For Bid4Assets
from Joyce Schatz

For Landville, LLC
from Rainetta

Hi Jenny and Rina, I would like to thank you as part of my first review. We went to see the land. We did not see the exact parcel but the area. OMG the area is unbelievably beautiful words cannot describe. It was like we entered a different planet. Breathtaking is the only word. I will send further reviews in the future.

For Aaron Williams
from Lisa

Would be no star but it won’t let me. Not hands on. Gave app to find a property listed. Not seeing any markers. Walk the property? when you can’t find it and may trespass on someone’s property. Pic of agent has head cut off. Email seems fake. Scam to email papers to sell something not exist or not for sale?

For Aron Bruser

For Pavel Chibole
from Elena Anfimoff

Couldn’t ask for better. Pavel has to be one of the most pleasurable people to do business with. He has his finger on the pulse and knows the beat of the market. Very professional and thorough. From buying land to selling land it’s been quite a smooth transition. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Pavel has definitely become a friend and I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling.

Professional, quick to respond, and lots were honestly described

For Landville LLC
from Wanda

Thank you so much. Jenny, You have been amazing from the first day I reached out to you. It is my plan and hope to have this land paid off before the end of the contract.

For Michael Alder
from Miguel Celaya

Searching for a wish! Received it when I met Mike ,He made a wish come true with his affordable property for sale, Bought a couple! Thumb up!!! Mike Alder is your one stop land buying place !Thank You Mike

For Adam Harrison
from Alma Sanchez

He was just the best, he helped me every step of the way to make sure everything was in order. any questions I had he answered. I would buy from him again in a heart beat as soon as I see a new listing I would like.

Prompt responses to questions, professional attitude.


Real and legit


For Westview Land
from Gabriel Montoya

rip off and scammers stay away from these people they sold me land and did not disclose there is a private easement on the only usable piece so the land is useless and non buildable and was advertised online as buildable lot .

For Alex Revnew
from Josh McLean

I can’t wait to go camping on the land I bought from him. Super affordable low monthly payments with no hidden fees.

For Landville, LLC
from Zaliya

Happy with my purchase. Got my paperwork fast.

For Test User
from Test

Beautiful picture

For Alex Revnew
from Anna White

For Alex Revnew
from Anna

He was terrible and is greedy

For Alex Revnew
from Mike Tropelman

Purchasing land with Alex was fast and easy. I would highly recommend him.

For Amanda Oberhaus
from Rachel

This is a scam. This is my property and is not for sale.

For Erik Peterson
from Carl taylor

Good prices and easy terms works for me