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Welcome to LandCentury. com, your marketplace solution for buying and selling real estate properties. With thousands of properties to choose from, we are committed to helping you find yours.



Since 2006, Netwealth LLC has been serving the real estate community in the United States. What began as a wholesale land company offering vacant land has since grown into a vast network of real estate marketplaces and online platforms dedicated to our many clients, both buyers and sellers. With over 10K properties sold to date, our unique model focuses on making the buying and selling of real estate fast, easy, and hassle-free for everyone.


Our Vision

As a leader in online real estate marketing, we focus on expanding the range of client services offered. Open to the community, our platform is a connection between the motivated seller and the serious buyer. A standard for continuous innovation and improvement centers on simplifying the process of searching, buying and selling real estate properties. Our continuously expanding marketing syndication network today contains more than 1,000 real estate networks, blogs, social media groups, forums, and other promotional channels. With recent introduction of AlertikĀ®, an exclusive app customized for real time property listing notification, we remain committed to delivering our client high-quality, innovative technology to help our community achieve success in their real estate endeavors.


Client Support

Operating as part of NetWealth’s Trusted Partner Network, a high level of internal evaluation continuously works to review, protect, and enhance your purchase experience with us. Our commitment to transparency includes an open feedback policy openly published on our site. With thousands of happy customers having shared their story, we invite you to include yours too.

Our Online Marketplace service
includes multiple options for sellers:

Online Marketing

Your listing will be populated across the largest network of real estate & classified marketplaces.

Social Media Marketing

Additional broadcasts throughout all of our social media channels.

Targeted Listing Strategies

Where automation fails, we will manually post your listings for further exposure.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique business model requiring a custom approach? Let's connect to see if we can make our system work for you.

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Meet buyers all over the world actively searching for properties.

Meet buyers all over the world actively searching for properties.
Our services are offered to realtors, wholesalers,
asset managers, private sellers and other real estate professionals.

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