Away from Reality? Rural Land is the Answer

Away from Reality? Rural Land is the Answer

Away from Reality? Rural Land is the Answer
Can’t find cheap land in the city? If you enter any major city – or even the suburbs – you’ll find that land can be very costly. Even in smaller cities in New Jersey, for example, a one acre lot of land can cost more than $40,000. That’s a high price to pay compared to rural locations.

But if you can live without the hustle and bustle of a big city, you’ll be able to find remote land for sale for a fraction of the cost.

Let’s see the different types of rural land available to you.

Farm Land

What is farm land? Farm properties are areas of land that are designated for farming. With farm land, you may have a house on the property, but the area is zoned for farming. Essentially, you will be expected to conduct farming of some type on the land.

This will include:

- Raising crops

- Raising livestock

Either of these agricultural purposes will be allowed. What’s very important to know is that some of this land may actually be protected. This means that while you can build a home or structures on the property, the land itself will need to remain largely intact.

Commercial buildings related to farming may be allowed, but the land cannot be purchased to build condos or something of that nature.

Ranch Land

Farms and ranches for sale are a lot different. While similar in nature, a ranch is meant primarily for the raising of livestock. Chickens, cattle, pigs and other livestock that can be eaten will be expected to roam on ranch land.

Ranches can also conduct farming, but this is often very limited. Unlike farms, ranches may not be protected from development. However, this protection would vary from one local to the next.

If you’re not a person that wants to raise their own cattle, it’s possible to lease this land. Many ranchers will lease their property so that they can earn money from the property. If you’re buying this land as an investment, leasing is a very smart option. Money earned from leasing can be used to offset property taxes.

One other major benefit to farm and ranch land is that there are tax deductions for these properties. You may be able to deduct a large portion of your taxes if you are raising livestock or growing crops.

Hunting Land

Sometimes, you may want to buy land that you never really want to live on, or don’t expect to build up in the near future. Remote land, far from neighborhoods, is the perfect opportunity for hunting.

Hunting land for sale will often come with permits – if hunting already takes place there commercially. This land will allow you to:

- Commercialize the property and allow hunters to hunt on the land for a fee.

- Hunt on your own.

With hunting land, you’ll be able to own a very remote piece of property that is already filled with deer or other wildlife.

Every state has their own rules and regulations pertaining to hunting. If you do plan to hunt on the property or allow others to hunt on the property, you will need to make sure that you’re within the legal boundaries of the law. You may need a license, and if you choose to make this a commercial venture, you will need to have insurance.

Always talk with a lawyer if you plan on buying hunting land with the intent of opening it up to commercialize the property.

Country Land

Perhaps you want an oasis out in the middle of nowhere where people can’t bother you. Don’t feel bad. Everyone wants this at some point in life. Country land is always for sale and comes at a dirt cheap price. In fact, many people overlook country land because it is often 20 minutes to the nearest store or simply too remote for their liking.

The major benefit of this land is that you will find large lots for very cheap.

Some of the best states to find country land are:

- Virginia: The hills of Virginia are beautiful and filled with land opportunities. In Virginia, you’ll be able to find large lots of land for very cheap.

- California: There are some amazing opportunities to find bargain acres for sale in many California areas.

- Texas: West Texas is known for having large lots of empty land. Often hot and dry, you’ll find that Texas land is often more arid than that of Virginia.

- Kansas: Another Midwest state. Kansas has so much open land that Marquette, Kansas will even give a person land if they agree to build a house and live in the city.

Every state has their developed and undeveloped areas. For example, upstate New York has so much land that is affordable, but if you go an hour or two south into Manhattan, you will be lucky to find any parcel of land available.

Country land is great if you want to bring a trailer and stay in your own oasis, or if you want to own several acres of land that you’ll eventually sell in the future.

Endless Possibilities

Rural land allows you to escape from reality and truly find peace. However, there are various options.

- Cleared Land: The obvious choice for farming. Clear land will not contain many trees and is much easier to build on if that is your goal.

- Wooded Land: Lots of beautiful, large trees are perfect for hunting or the utmost of privacy. The downside to these lots is that you’ll need to remove some of the trees if you plan on building.

There are also possibilities of finding land with lakes, ponds or creeks. These are often found in abundance in rural areas and are a great option. Not only does this open up the possibility of fishing on the property, but you’ll also be able to sell the land for much more. Buyers that are looking to build on the land will often pay a premium for any lot that has a body of water – no matter the size.

When you want to own land that allows you to escape from reality, you’ll definitely want rural land.

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