Bulk and Bargain Land for Sale in Wyoming

Bulk and Bargain Land for Sale in Wyoming

Bulk and Bargain Land for Sale in Wyoming
The great state of Wyoming has a lot of land opportunities available. You’ll find many oversized lots, often spanning 10+ acres, that are for sale at rock-bottom prices. There are so many opportunities to choose from, and Wyoming offers a great climate and landscape that is perfect for farming or ranching.

Population and Growth

The state of Wyoming has a population of approximately 586,000 people, according to 2015 estimates. The population in the state has grown by 3.6% since 2010, and the breakdown of the population is as follows:

* Less than 6.5% of the population is under the age of five years old
* 23.7% of the population is under the age of 18 years old
* 14% of the population is 65 years or older

The vast majority of the population, over 55%, are within the age range of 18 to 65 years old. Current estimates indicate that 49% of all persons are female. The population has grown at a faster rate than the national average of 3.3%. The breakdown of age demographics is also on par with the rest of the United States.

Approximately 70.1% of all people that live in Wyoming own a home, according to statistics from 2009 through 2013. The median house price between 2009 and 2013 was $185,900, which was above the national average. In total, there are 222,000 households in the state of Wyoming, with 2.5 persons per household. The total land mass is 97,000 mi.², and there are 5.8 people per mile in Wyoming.

Current Land Opportunities

Wyoming has a lot of land parcels for sale, and you can find some great deals for large acre lots that are 40+ acres. Let’s take a look at some of the lots that are currently available in our inventory to get a better understanding of what is available on the market at the end of 2015.

40 acres for $6,999

Just imagine what you can do with 40+ acres of land. There is an amazing lot for sale in Rawlins, Wyoming. This lot is owned for recreational use, and you have the following benefits of owning this property:

* A dirt road that is not landlocked
* Cell signal availability
* Water availability by well or storage
* Water depth of 250 feet to 500 feet
* Electricity provided by solar or generator

If you have a larger budget, you can have electricity and water ran to the property. This is the perfect property for the typical Wyoming ranch. It has gently rolling hills as well as flatland. Wildlife on this property is exceptional, and includes:

* Antelope
* Elk
* Deer
* Wild mustang horses

You’ll find this to be the perfect opportunity for grazing land, or hunting grounds. With over 40 acres of pristine land, your taxes are just $30.44 year, which is a spectacular deal for any investor. The low tax price on the property allows you to make a long-term investment without losing a lot of money in the process. This particular property is just $6,999, and this is an all-cash opportunity. Located within Sweetwater County, this property is just one of many that you will find available at rock-bottom prices.

Sweetwater County Deals

Sweetwater is the current hotspot if you want a lot of acreage. This wonderful county has the following statistics, according to data from 2014:

* There are approximately 45,000 residents in the county as of 2014.
* The population change in the county is 2.7% between 2010 and 2014. This is slightly lower than the average in Wyoming. The state saw a 3.6% population growth during this same time period.
* 91% of all people that live in the county have earned their high school diploma.
* 18.1% of all people in the county have earned a bachelors degree or higher.
* The average time it takes to commute to work is 21.3 minutes.
* There are a total of 19,000+ housing units in the county. This estimate is current as of 2014.
* 71.5% of all people in the county on their own home.
* The median value of occupied housing units is $177,300.
* The median household income is $71,500.

Sweetwater is just one of many counties in the state, and is being listed in this article simply because it has the most land opportunities. If you want to buy bulk and bargain land in Wyoming, look no further than Sweetwater County.

Land Types in Wyoming

Wyoming has a very interesting landscape. The landforms in the area are rather unique, and make it the perfect oasis for anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The great plains of North America actually extend into the eastern parts of the state. This allows for short grass and prairie land (the Black Hills are the only exception).

The Rocky Mountains provide over a dozen mountain ranges to cover the western portion of Wyoming, and you’ll find that the Laramie Mountains cover the southern landscape. The highest point is Gannett Peak, which has an elevation of 13,804 feet.

Between the eastern and western mountains you’ll find many flat basins. Many of these are treeless plateaus and include arid land. You need to be very careful between the mountains because a lot of this land is unproductive. This is why many properties in Wyoming will need to be examined and researched to ensure that the land will be viable for your usage.

There are many man-made reservoirs in the state, and there are significant rivers that flow through the area. You’ll find that Sweetwater and Yellowstone River are very popular along with Powder, Snake, Bighorn, Green and several other major rivers.

Wyoming has something for everyone. If you like the mountains, there are several ranges that you’ll be able to find land available on. There are also flat plains that are perfect for building homes or commercial structures, and there's farmland and ranchland in the state. It’s the perfect opportunity to set down your roots and make an investment for the long term. With the state's population growing quickly, your land investment may turn out to be the best investment of your life.

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