Cheap Land for Sale in Colorado: A Wealth of Opportunity

Cheap Land for Sale in Colorado: A Wealth of Opportunity

Cheap Land for Sale in Colorado: A Wealth of Opportunity
Colorado is home to over 5 million people. The state’s economy has attracted many new residents in the last three years, adding over 200,000 new residents. Homes with mountain views are highly sought in the area. While most people choose to live in the cities, such as Denver, for work purposes, rural land is being highly sought by investors. Both commercial and residential land for sale in Colorado is available.

Ideal Land Plots

Cheap land in Colorado normally comes with vast acreage, but acreage is not the only thing that needs to be considered. Depending on your purchasing needs, land that is cut off from local roads and utilities will be a much costlier property if the goal is to build a home or business on the land.

The ideal land plot will be determined by the buyer’s needs. A few considerations are:

- Road Access: Properties with access to local roads is ideal for building. These properties require less in terms of investment when the construction process begins and will be more profitable for investors.

- Utilities: The cost of utility lines is a major consideration. If no utility lines are present, the cost of running lines should be calculated into your budget.

- Purpose: Land used for hunting, skiing or recreation can be found within the state. These purposes may not require local road access or utility lines.

There are a variety of land plots available. Acreage, lakes, ponds and mountain views can all be found within Colorado. A great state for winter activities, properties can also be rented with great success depending on the location.

Colorado Housing Information

Colorado is a young person’s state. Only 12 percent of the occupants are over 65 years of age, and there is a 50/50 split of men and women. Employment is not close to most people’s residences with most traveling 25 minutes or more to work daily. Homes outside of the city center are in demand.

The vast majority of cheap land in Colorado will be far away from the bigger cities, but there are a lot of properties within just a 30 minute drive. This allows for residential investments to be very profitable.

Ranches are the desired home style in the state. There is nearly 1 home for every 2 residents with the homeownership rates being above 60 percent. Average home prices in the state were $236,000 in 2013, and the prices are rising steadily. Homes that come with larger plots of land will have their value raised significantly as a result.

Multi-unit dwellings in the state are less common and only make up about 25 percent of all housing.

When purchasing land for sale in Colorado, there are a lot of great opportunities. From beautiful lots with several acres to smaller lots closer to the city, you’ll be able to find a property perfect for your needs.

A few considerations that must be made are:

- Land size. The overall acreage of the land, and the price per acre versus properties containing a building or home.

- Land type. Building on land requires clearing. If the lot is heavily treed or there are no utilities, it may make better for a hunting lodge than a single or multiple housing unit.

- Land location. There are several plots of land near Blanca, San Luis Valley and Alamosa that are within driving distance of major cities. These are properties that are perfect for the country-lover who does not want to deal with the rigors of city life.

- Payment options. Parcels of land sell for much cheaper depending on the transaction type. Properties that need to go through a lender will have their prices raised significantly over properties that are purchased in cash. For the lowest price possible, cash transactions are preferred.

Colorado has something for everyone. From mountain views to rustling cities and skiing, the state is perfect for the inspiring investor. Properties, especially in central Colorado, are able to be purchased for a few thousand dollars and boast 5 acre lots. The fresh mountain air and vast, tree-lined forests are ideal for hunting, fishing, hiking or relaxing in the countryside.

There are also properties meant for grazing and livestock that provide a great opportunity to buy land and make income from grazing opportunities.

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