How to Find Affordable Houses with Land for Sale: 5 Places to Start Your Search

How to Find Affordable Houses with Land for Sale: 5 Places to Start Your Search

How to Find Affordable Houses with Land for Sale: 5 Places to Start Your Search
Finding an affordable home is a feat in some areas of the country, but finding an affordable home with land? Now that’s a real challenge, right? Maybe not. Although the median home price in America is $222,700, there are areas of the country where housing is more than affordable. And you’ll even find homes with a bit of land attached to it.

While there are numerous cities across the U.S. that have affordable homes, these five score higher points because you’ll find cheap land here, too.

1. Grand Isle, Maine

Situated in Aroostook County, Grand Isle is a very small town with a population of just 467 as of 2010. While the population has been steadily shrinking over the last 60 years, the area boasts affordable housing and plenty of land for sale.

The city’s median age is 48, so this is a place for middle-aged and older folks. The median home price in town is just $154,000, and the average commute time is just 17 minutes. The unemployment rate is a bit high at 8.7%, but the schools are good and the area is quiet.

How cheap is land here?

Right now, we have a 53+ acre lot for sale for just $73,000. Owner financing is available, and taxes are around $200 per year. The property is zoned residential, and cabins are allowed. If you’re retiring or have a mobile job and are looking for a quiet place to live, Grand Isle is a great place to start.

2. Rawlins, Wyoming

Named after John Aaron Rawlins, Union General, this town boasts a population of just 9,259 and a moderate climate. Wyoming is known for its high real estate prices, but in this tiny town, the average listing price is $169,473 for existing homes.

Rent prices are favorable, too, with the median rate being $1,025 per month. And if you plan on buying or building a home for the purpose of renting, you’ll be happy to learn that the number of available rentals in town has decreased over the last year, which limits your competition. As far as land is concerned, prices are even more affordable. We recently sold a parcel of 40 acres for just $7,999. Taxes for that property were just $30.44.

3. Borrego Springs, California

With a population of 3,429, Borrego Springs may be a small town, but it’s steadily growing. A beautiful area, the city is surrounded by the Anza-Borrego State Park, the largest state park in California. If you’re looking for solitude and tranquility, you’ll find it here.

One unique thing about this town is that it has no stop lights. Night time lighting is kept to a minimum, too, to preserve the night sky views. Tourism is a huge industry here. The small town boasts not one, but four golf courses. It also has a tennis center, horseback riding and so much more.

Borrego Springs is a popular destination for snow birds who travel to warmer destinations for the winter.
The weather is favorable here, although temperatures can rise to 106 in July and August. But during the winter, residents enjoy favorable temperatures in December – 68 degrees on average.

The real estate market has been cold as of late, but prices are favorable. The median sales price is $221,250 and the median rent price is $1,450 per month. Land prices are favorable, too. We currently have a 10-acre parcel of land zoned for multiple uses going for just $3,475, and the taxes are just $37.77. The lot is just 10 miles from the Salton Sea and boasts impressive view of the nearby mountains.

4. St. Johns, Arizona

Situated in the White Mountains of northeast Arizona, St. Johns is the county seat of Apache County and has a population of 3,480. With a semi-arid climate, the area has hot summers and dry winters.

St. Johns is home to several sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including:

* Lower Zuni River Archaeological District

* Isaacson Building

* Rattlesnake Point Pueblo

* Lyman Lake Rock Art Site

The town is also close to the Placerias Quarry where several Placerias fossils were found in 1930. You’ll find the Apache County Historical Society Museum in town as well. According to Trulia, the median sales price for homes in St. Johns is $29,250, but that data is based off of just two sales. Looking back at July, near the peak of the sales season, the median price was $112,500. While still low, that number is more favorable for anyone looking to make an investment.

Land is more than affordable in St. Johns. We have a parcel for sale with owner financing that spans 1.25 acres and is going for $2,899. Arizona is a great place to invest and thousands of jobs have been brought into the state due to its solar energy boom. While the industry is facing a rough patch right now, the future is looking brighter. Because of its abundant sunshine, the state is a great choice for land investors who would entertain the idea of selling the property to solar companies. The area’s favorable climate also makes this a great spot for retirees.

5. Battle Mountain, Nevada

Situated on Interstate 80, Battle Mountain, Nevada is a town that most people have never heard of. Its small population of just 3,635 explains why. But Battle Mountain has a lot going for it. For starters, its main economic base is gold mining. Legal gaming is another major contributor to the economy. The weather in town is favorable, with highs of 95 in July and 41 in December.

You won’t find skyscrapers and high rises out in Battle Mountain. But what you will find is plenty of land for sale. And homes are dirt cheap, with the median closing price at $125,000. Right now, you can get your hands on 640 acres of land here for just $99,500.

It’s not always easy to find affordable homes with land for sale, but these five towns offer great opportunities to find cheap homes and land whether you’re looking to invest or build your dream home.

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