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Land for Sale in Maine: Finding Great Prices and Locations

Maine is a paradise for nature lovers. With lakes, streams and mountains seemingly around every corner, it’s hard not to fall in love with the state’s natural beauty. Despite its beauty, the state is still home to some of the cheapest land in the Northeast, and with smaller populations, there’s plenty of land to go around.

But if you’re searching for land for sale in Maine, you may be wondering where the best deals and locations are. After doing quite a bit of research, we’ve pinpointed some key areas in the state that offer great prices and an abundance of land.

Land in Aroostook County

In Aroostook County, you can purchase almost 200 acres of land for under $100,000. Some areas in the county are prime locations for hunting and fishing, which makes this area an excellent place to invest in hunting land.
The locals often refer to Aroostook County as “The County” because it’s the largest county in America by land east of the Rocky Mountains, and the largest county by land in Maine. Aroostook is the northernmost county in the state. The city of Houlton is the county seat.

In total, the county encompasses 6828 mi.², and 156 mi.² (2.3%) of the county is comprised of water. The area is known for its Acadian culture and potato crops. The northernmost part of the county, which sits on the border of New Brunswick, is home to many residents that are bilingual, speaking both English and French. The county is also quickly becoming a hub for wind power.

Aroostook County is also a draw for nature lovers, as it is home to the Aroostook national wildlife refuge. The refuge encompasses 5,252 acres, and is home to a diverse range of wildlife species. There’s plenty of land available in Aroostook County, which is larger than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

Population and Demographics

The total population for the entire county was 71,870 in 2010. The population density for the area is approximately 11 people per square mile.

As of 2000, the county was home to 30,356 households, and 20% had children under the age of 18 living with them. The majority of households are married couples, while 13% of homes have someone 65 or older living alone. Approximately 18% of the county’s population speak French at home. The median income for a family was roughly $36,044, and the median income for households was about $28,837.

Cities and Towns

Aroostook County is home to just two cities: Presque Isle and Caribou. But it’s also home to several incorporated towns, plantations and a few Indian reservations.

Some of the most notable towns include:

* Van Buren
* Limestone
* Littleton
* Fort Kent
* Mars Hill
* Houlton
* Madawaska
* Mapleton
* Fort Fairfield

Although the population in the county has been in decline since 1960, Aroostook County is still a popular place for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. And with the ability to purchase large acreage for cheap prices, you can easily purchase land for hunting, recreational or personal use.

Land in Penobscot County

Penobscot County is situated just south of Aroostook County, and also boasts an abundance of land. With that said, land here is a little bit more expensive, but you can still purchase large acreage for under $100,000. The county also boasts a much larger population of 153,923. Bangor is the county seat. Penobscot County is comprised of 3557 mi.², with 160 mi.² (4.5%) in water.

Population and Demographics

The population in this area is growing. In 2000, there were only 144,919 people, and that number has since risen 6.2%. As of 2000, the population density was 43 people per square mile, and the county was home to 58,096 households. Roughly 30% of households had children under the age of 18, and the vast majority were home to married couples. The median income for families and the county was $42,206, the median income for a household was $34,274.

Cities and Towns

Penobscot County is home to three major cities: Old Town, Bangor and Brewer. The area also includes many towns and plantations, including:

* Stetson
* Newport
* Plymouth
* Holden
* Lincoln
* Newburgh
* Hampden
* Glenburn

Between 1990 and 2000, the county’s saw a 1.1% decline in population, but in the following decade, the county would see a 6.2% increase in population. Tourism is a draw for the county as is hunting and fishing. Bangor is a hub for shopping, gambling, concerts and performing arts. Newport is known for its seafood and lakes. Herman has excellent skiing, snowboarding, fishing and ski resorts. Dexter also has wonderful lakes and horseback riding opportunities.

Penobscot County is a wonderful place to invest in hunting and recreational land, or to develop a cabin rental. With an abundance of land available at cheap prices, you can purchase large acreage and either hold onto the land, or develop it to see a quicker return.

The Benefits of Buying Land in Maine

Maine is situated within 10 hours of a quarter of the nation’s population, and its land prices are significantly lower than in states south of its borders. With close proximity to higher-priced states, like Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, you’ll find that out-of-state buyers will be willing to pay higher prices for land – with or without structures on them.

There’s an abundance of land available in the state, and although much of the area remains untouched, people are starting to buy up plots. Over time, prices will increase and demand will be even higher as land becomes scarcer. Many of the towns in the area have small populations, which can be beneficial if you’re hoping to buy that perfect piece of land to build your “getaway” home. And even if you’re not looking to retreat to the peace and quiet of nature, you can be sure that there are plenty of other people who are. Building a rental cabin or retreat can earn you a nice return.

With Maine being such a popular destination for hunting and fishing, you’re sure to find ample opportunities to find large acreage that you can lease for recreational or hunting purposes. Waterfront land will be available at a premium, but you’ll quickly see a return if you develop the property the right way.