Land for Sale in Wisconsin - Where to Find Affordable Land

Land for Sale in Wisconsin - Where to Find Affordable Land

Land for Sale in Wisconsin - Where to Find Affordable Land
Home to over 5.7 million people, Wisconsin is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes area. Lake Superior sits to the north, which provides the state with a diverse landscape ranging from sprawling hills to sandy beaches. Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin is famous for its cheese and is the leading producer of dairy.

When it comes to land, Wisconsin has no shortage of it. The state spans 65,497.82 square miles, making it the 23rd largest state in the country. But just like any other state that’s reliant on agriculture, land prices can be high in some areas. Unless you have a big budget, you need to know where to look to find the best deals.


Looking to buy land in a small town? Clearfield may just be the right spot for you. As of 2000, the town’s population was just 737. Clearfield is just 2 miles from New Lisbon, Orange, Necedah and Camp Douglas. Picturesque surroundings make this town a great place to build a peaceful retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Housing and land are both affordable in Clearfield. We recently sold a plot of 5.25 acres in town for just $39,999, and taxes were just $238.17 per year.


Situated in Iron County, Mercer has a population of just 1,732 and is actually known as the “Loon Capital of the World.” A wildlife study found that the town truly is home to the highest concentration of loons in the world. Naturally, the town holds a “Loon Day” festival, which is quite a large arts and crafts fair event.

The town spans 184.8 square miles, and 9.05% of that is water, which means there are ample opportunities to purchase waterfront land. Waterfront properties are in high demand and come with a much higher price tag. The town’s primary industry is tourism, and that’s because the area has lots of secluded waterways and public land that’s undeveloped. Mercer is a popular spot for camping, hunting, fishing, biking, kayaking, skiing, canoeing, snowmobiling and even bird watching. Homes are reasonably priced in the area, with a median listing price of $98,750.

What about land?

You can get your hands on just over 6 acres for about $40,000. And that land comes with the advantage of being in a location that offers great recreational activities and the advantage of being in a tourist-centric area.


The city of Plymouth is located along the Mullet River in Sheboygan County, and is considered part of the Sheboygan Metropolitan Statistical Area. Known as the “Hub City”, Plymouth is sandwiched between Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Sheboygan. The town boasts a population of 8,445, which has been steadily growing since it was incorporated in 1880. Homes in the area are priced lower than the national average, with the median home price being $151,000. The median rent price is $663.

If you’re looking to build a home to rent, Plymouth is a smart place to consider. About 41% of homes in the city are renter-occupied, and 59% are owner-occupied. Land prices are affordable, too. You can purchase .4 acres in a highly-sought after neighborhood for about $44,000.

Brown Deer

Brown Deer is just outside Milwaukee, which give residents access to all of the city’s great amenities. The town boasts a larger population of 11,999 and a median household income of $61,097. Homes are very affordable, with the median sales price being $125,000. Rent prices are favorable for landlords, with the median rent price being $1,225 per month. As for land, you can purchase about 3 acres near town for around $185,000.


Aaron Rodgers calls Suamico home, and the town’s close proximity to Green Bay makes it smart investment choice for land. Suamico was once only farmland, but now we’re seeing shops, restaurants and homes popping up. The town’s population is 11,346, and the median sales price for homes is $149,000. Rent prices are similar to Brown Deer, at around $1,150.

Land is very affordable in Suamico. You can buy a little over an acre for about $40,000. We’ve also seen a few 2-acre plots going for about the same price. Suamico is a smart place to invest in land because of its close proximity to Green Bay. It also offers an escape from city life, while still being close to amenities. Whether you want to build your dream home, rent out a property, farm or just hold onto land, Suamico is one city you should consider.


The town of Mequon is a more affluent area, and it’s home to excellent schools, beautiful parks and good weather (as good as the weather can be in Wisconsin). The town has a population of 23,132, and the median household income is $95,181. Most resident are college educated, and only a handful are single.

One of the biggest draws, aside from the schools, is the parks. There are over two dozen parks in town and there are hundreds of acres of nature preserves and community parks that are operated by either the city or the county. The median home price in Mequon is $345,000, which is much higher than average. The median rent price is $2,475. Despite having higher home prices, Mequon has rather affordable land. We’ve seen 7+ acres of residential land selling for about $180,000 – now that’s a deal.

Mequon is a smart place to invest in land if you want to build a rental property, or even build your dream home for your family. The schools and parks are excellent, which are two very important factors for families.

Wisconsin is a vast state with lots of land investment opportunities, but you need to know where to look to find the most affordable properties. Some towns may be growing quickly, but their land and home values may be inflated as a result. It’s always a good idea to invest near large cities, like Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay if you can find deals (which don’t last long). But some smaller towns offer great opportunities as well, depending on your investment goals.

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