Land for Sale West Virginia Is This A Good Investment

West Virginia’s state motto is, “West Virginia – Almost Heaven.” West Virginia is mostly made up of rural land and mountain land. The state has a total of over 15.1 million acres. And many of those acres are undeveloped land in the borders of this state waiting to be found by those seeking sound investments.

Various Uses of West Virginia Acreage For Sale

The land in West Virginia is put to many uses. The Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, and Morgantown areas are the population centers of the state. The total population of these four areas combined is over 328,000. Those populous places are the main commercial regions. But, there are other uses for investment land in the state.

Over 12 million acres in the state’s parcels of land, are used for timber. The state is behind only New Hampshire and Maine in amount of forested land. Most of those that have timberland in West Virginia are small, private landowners. The only sales data readily available is from 2004, but it shows that the wood products industry had an over $4 billion impact on the state’s economy.

Property is frequently bought as hunting land. Every year during deer season, the state sees a significant influx of out-of-state hunters. Many of the serious hunters invest in remote land for the sole purpose of having their own hunting grounds. Mountain land is also purchased for the purpose of hunting. Skiing and other snow sports are popular. Ski resorts have condominiums and hotels nearby. So, commercial land for sale may be of interest to you in those places, if you are seeking land for investment.

The oil and gas industry has improved what was, in many areas across the state, underdeveloped land. As leasing companies and drilling companies lease land and bring field workers to those places, their money is spent for housing, food, and other living expenses in the local economies. That money, in turn, helps attract outside businesses. Investments for stores, such as Dollar Stores, are drawn to the areas where the economy is now strong enough to justify opening stores.

ATV (all-terrain vehicle) trails are becoming profitable business for landowners in West Virginia. Old horse trails, trails left by train tracks that no longer exist, and even trails created by the landowners themselves are being used to attract ATV riders. Riders, typically, have to purchase trail passes. The revenue from these purchases, as well as spending by visitors from out of the state, has injected multiple millions of dollars into the state’s economy.

“Almost Heaven” Is Waiting For You

West Virginia land for sale offers several possibilities for investment. Mountain land in the eastern panhandle of the state offers hunting, skiing, hiking, fishing, and great vacation getaway locations. Across the entire state, raw land is waiting to be put to use. Camping land could be one of those purposes, along with horseback riding or ATV trails. All of these opportunities and more are waiting for you.

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