Lehigh Acres: Land for Sale Priced Too Low to Miss

Lehigh Acres: Land for Sale Priced Too Low to Miss

Lehigh Acres: Land for Sale Priced Too Low to Miss
Lehigh Acres FL land for sale is going at an extremely high rate. This once booming city saw its peak between 2000 and 2007 where the population skyrocketed. Between 2000 and 2010, more than 50,000 people moved to Lehigh Acres causing a population increase of 159%. While times have changed and the city is not building as many homes as it once was, there is still a lot of potential for land owners.

Lehigh Acres FL, Land for Everyone

You’ll find that there is a lot of land to be had in the city. Unfortunately, the economic boom caused the city to grow quickly and decline when the bust was seen. Not unique to Florida, this happened all across the country.

Nearly 25% of all houses in the city remain unoccupied; a result of the real estate crisis. Now, this same land can be purchased by anyone looking to invest in the city. After all, the housing market is soaring back at unseen rates and the city has been able to reclaim some of its former glory and finally see an upturn as a result.

Unemployment in the city is dropping and as a result, more people are looking to buy.

Lehigh Acres Florida vacant land opportunities are among the most popular. These are parcels of land where no structural buildings exist. However, vacant land may or may not come with city sewer and water. The land may need immense maintenance to clean up litter or other garbage that has been placed on the property.

About Lehigh Acres

Founded in 1954, this city is within Lee County. In the greater Cape Coral area, the city spans 95.98 square miles with just one percent of the city being water; the rest comprised of land. The city is located in the southwest of the state and is just a short ride to local beaches. You can find it all in the city with large lots containing a house selling for nearly $300,000.

Average prices are $124,000 for all housing units in the area with detached housing costing $127,000. Townhouses have a lower price point of $111,000 while mobile homes in the area are selling for $48,000. Mobile homes are a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase land and spend as little as possible prior to reselling the lot.

The city has a cost of living that is 83% of the national average with the average income value being $37,000.

You’ll find that the majority of people in the city speak English with just 15% speaking a language other than English. As far as violent crime is concerned, Lehigh Acres ranks better than the entire state of Florida. A safe place for families, you’ll find a lot of younger couples coming to the area due to affordable housing options and lower crime rates.

Schools in the area are rated as average with Varsity Lakes Middle School being ranked very highly.

Rent in the area was $840 on average in 2012.

Property taxes are very low in the area with the following being seen:

- $893 for homes that have a mortgage.

- $876 for housing with no mortgage.

If you’re going to buy land and not build on it, you’ll find that property taxes are lower as a result. This is a much lower figure than seen in the vast majority of the country and is one of the many benefits to owning land in Lehigh Acres.

What to do

The location is perfect for filling up your spare time with fishing, boating and scuba diving. Play a full round of golf, have a great lunch and top the day off with a stroll around the park. If you tire of these beautiful surroundings, don’t panic you are only a short distance from somewhere special. Try Sanibel Island, you’ll want to spend the entire day here. Fish for Tarpon or take a kayak Calusa Ghost Tour. Calusa are known as the shell people, and the beaches are filled with shells to collect. You can also rent a kayak for your personal exploration. You won’t want to miss the botanical gardens at the Sanibel Moorings either- it is a spectacular six acre exhibition of flora and wildlife.

Fort Myers is a couple hours away and has so many unique places to see. If you want a truly esoteric experience check out the Corkscrew Camp Sanctuary, the surroundings are eerie and mesmerizing. It’s famous for the wildlife and orchids it sustains.

The typical day often ends at the coconut point mall. Eating, shopping and settling in for an evening movie before heading home or tucking in for the night is just enough to finish off this little excursion. Only a portion of what you get with purchasing your next acreage in Florida.

The Ideal Opportunity

Residential lots for sale in Lehigh Acres are filled with opportunity. You’ll be able to find lots that already have electric and sewer as well as paved road access; just build your home and hook everything up. This will keep the costs of construction to a minimal while allowing you to build a home without the added expense.

Some of the best opportunities are often difficult for new buyers to spot. When you’re searching for land in the area, you’ll need to keep your eye out for the following investment opportunities:

- Oversized Lots:  Buyers love land and an oversized lot is a major selling point for anyone wanting to build a home on the property and sell it.

- Cleared Lots:  If a lot has been cleared, it will be much cheaper to build on the land.

- Utilities:  Access to septic, sewer and electric is a major bonus. Paved roads are also something that will allow for easier building.

- Location:  The closer to Fort Myers and Cape Coral, the higher the selling price can be. These are major cities that will add to the buyer’s appeal come time to sell the property.

Lehigh Acres land for sale is cheaper now than anyone thought it would be 10 years ago. As the economy recovers, the potential of the city continues to grow. For a great opportunity, there are few places that can compare to Lehigh Acres.

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