Live Your Dream: Start Your Own Business With Perfect Package! 260 Arizona Lots Ready for Land Wholesaling Opportunity! Buy & Flip with Network!

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Created on Monday, September 10, 2018
Updated on Monday, September 10, 2018
by Land Century

  • Western Paradise location offers up to 500% profit potential
  • The easiest way to start your land flipping business
  • We give you the platform, you earn the rewards

LandCentury, one of America’s leading online real estate marketing networks, has acquired over 300 acres of land in the picturesque community of Concho, AZ. Divided into 260 - 1+ acre scenic lots, these properties provide easy access to all the outdoor, down-home amenities the pristine West has to offer. Wholesale package of 260 lots is ready for your immediate purchase. Flip for individual sale and up to 500% profit!

The Spirit and Rich Traditions of the Original Pioneers

Concho, AZ is in the heart of the White Mountains of Arizona. Founded by pioneers in the 1860s, today the area is known for its incredible outdoors opportunities, from boating and fishing on Concho Lake to hiking at nearby Petrified Forest National Park. Set within lands sacred to the Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo, people have gravitated to this part of our country for centuries.

This is your chance to own a part of history and to follow your dreams of being a land investor at the same time. By purchasing an Apache County land package from LandCentury, you can choose to build your dream retreat and still have land left over to flip for a profit of up to 500% via individual sales.

We want you to have the confidence to succeed. As a Buyer and Seller with LandCentury, you will have access to our community and resources, our cutting-edge platform for resale services, and our dynamic team of customer support. We give you the tools to enjoy this amazing slice of paradise as a buyer, a seller, or both!

Seize this rare opportunity to invest in one of America’s last corners of beauty before it’s too late!

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