The Magic of Horseshoe Bay, Texas


Created on Friday, July 10, 2015
Updated on Monday, February 26, 2018
by Land Century

What is the magic of Horseshoe Bay? Mostly, it’s about living the “countrified life” with all the amenities of being close enough to the major cities to enjoy nearly everything that life can possibly offer.

You can wake up with a view of LBJ Lake while still working an hour away in Austin. You can play golf at a course less than 3 miles from home and live on a street with a name like Broken Hills Road or Custer’s Last Stand. Drive 1.5 hours south and you’ll land in San Antonio, home of the River Walk.

During the Easter Season, Horseshoe Bay Resort sponsors a balloon festival with some of the most imaginative and colorful balloons around.

Some of the owners do offer short rides and if you’ve never been up in a balloon, don’t pass it by. Living in Horseshoe Bay is still within working proximity to Austin and Austin is the fastest growing city in the U.S. right now. But, if you already live in Austin, this area is a great place to build a weekend home since it’s a short 45 minute drive to a weekend retreat that offers fishing, tennis, golfing at one of the three courses, a resort where you can hold events for special clients or dock your boat at the marina.

One of the most popular spots for weekend activities is located in Spicewood (10 minutes away) on private property open to the public which includes camping or swimming at Krause Springs which is one of the few natural springs in Texas.

If you prefer challenging yourself to rugged tests of your driving skills in the great outdoors, the Hidden Falls Adventure Park (10 minutes to the entrance) provides areas for motor sports and competitions.

If you want to experience living history typical of Texas’ past, there is Fort Grogan – about 5 minutes down the road, as they say in Texas – or the Alamo in Austin. There is no way to talk about setting up a life in Horseshoe Bay without at least mentioning San Antonio. San Antonio is known for its River Walk and its Hispanic Festivals.

The night life is varied offering Honky Tonks, Cantinas, Taverns, Pubs and the ever necessary Saloon. If you don’t want to walk from one place to the other, you can hop into a river taxi and enjoy the sights while the captain does the driving. If you like using a Segway, they are available for your excursions throughout San Antonio.

If you can afford a million dollar property and are willing to pay for it, by all means, enjoy! If you prefer to get as much value for your dollar as possible that offers many benefits at a smaller price point - whoo hoo! – start learning to do a Texas 2-step and prance right over to Horseshoe Bay, Texas!

According to the 2000 census, the racial demographics for Horseshoe Bay were predominantly Caucasian at 96.5%. Most locations in Texas are racially diverse and Texans seem to like it that way so it should be no surprise that by 2010, diversity was beginning to show promise and that number had dropped to 93.89%.

The first step we take to improve our lives and be a social citizen of the world is to create our own rules of what success embodies, what values are most important and how to help make the world a better place. The second step happens when you have achieved a level of that success that enables you to choose a more luxurious place to live even if you are not money flush.

One option that many younger people are choosing today is to purchase undeveloped land lots either in a rural area or in a remote area at extremely low prices and Texas has plenty of these. These types of properties may need a lot of work for development which is fine if you are willing and able to do so.

On the other, there are those who prefer to purchase vacant land for sale in developed communities or subdivisions to build their dream home. Both types of land are available in almost every state in the country but – at much higher prices.
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