Valencia County Nm Land for Sale Easily Find Great Deals

Valencia County, New Mexico has a lot of great land for sale. This booming area is filled with opportunity from several acre lots to small parcels that are perfect to build your own home. We’re going to be discussing what current land opportunities are available, so that you know little bit more about the area.

Valencia County, New Mexico Information and Statistics

The County of Valencia has a population that is 76,569 people, according to the 2010 census. Interestingly, the area used to be much larger, but in 1981, Cibola County was created, which caused Valencia to forfeit 81% of its entire territory. The county spans 1068 mi.², with the vast majority of the area being land. Just 0.2% of Valencia is water, which equates to 2.1 mi.².

Valencia is actually the second smallest county in the entire state and is adjacent to several bigger counties, such as:

- Bernalillo
- Socorro
- Cibola
- Torrance

Several natural forests and historical areas are protected by the government in this area. While the county is Valencia, it does include part of the Cibola National Forest, which is protected, as well as the Manzano Wilderness. The city’s population, according to 2014 estimates, has shrunk by 1% down to 75,817 total people. But prior to 2014, a significant population boom occurred in Valencia. A good example of this can be seen in 1990 when the population was just 45,000 people. In the year 2000, the population grew by 46.2% to reach 66,150 people, and in 2010, the census had the population at 76,569 people, up 15% on the decade. People are moving to this amazing area, and there is virtually an even split among male and female residents.

Climate in Valencia

New Mexico is known for having several sunny days. Valencia County has an average of 278 days of the year where sun is in abundance. In total, this area only gets 8 inches of rain every year, with a national average of 37 inches of rain per year.

Snowfall is rare, but averages approximately 3 inches per year (35 inches is the national average). July is the warmest month, with the average high in 94°. The coldest month of the year is January when the average low is 17.9° in the county. Based off of the comfort index, Valencia rates 66, whereas the rest of the United States only rates 44. It’s a beautiful place to live in terms of climate.

Cities within Valencia County

There are several cities that are located in the county. Among the cities are:

- Los Lunas
- Bosque Farms
- Adelino
- Peralta
- Belen

Los Lunas is one of the most popular cities in the area and accounts for one fifth of the population of Valencia. In total, according to the 2010 census, 14,835 some people lived within the city. Many Civil War battles were actually fought within the city or near the village, and the city is the county seat of Valencia County. The city itself was named after the Luna family, and was first granted to Don Adrian Luna in 1716. The land would eventually be given to the Luna family just two years later.

Land and Real Estate in Valencia County, NM

Land and real estate in the county depends on where the land is located. With several cities in the area, you’ll find a variety of different land prices, with most being very affordable and favorable for the buyer. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most promising land options currently available in the county:

* We have a current listing of 3.09 acres of land for sale. A steal at this price, you’ll be required to pay just $2,550 in cash for this property. Taxes on the land are just $23.72, and you're surrounded with spectacular mountain views and a zoning that is designated as residential.

* A slightly bigger lot that is 4.31 acres is for sale for $2,950. This lot is just 10 miles from Belen and his property taxes of $39.06. Road access is through a paved road that turns into dirt, and electricity is available on the lot.

We also have several buildable lots for sale for prices that are as low as $2,500. These are the ideal lots that allow you to build a home, or even a small community or rental properties. The specific lot that is worth $2,500 has 4 lots in total, allowing for four different structures to be built on the land.

Valencia County has a very affordable housing market, which is often where the main draw of the county. Not only does this region experience exceptional weather, if you like warm weather, but housing cannot be more affordable. According to, the average home price in the area is $99,900 – amazingly affordable. In terms of square footage, this relates to $53 per square foot, whereas the national average is $112 a square foot.

The average United States home price is $203,645, and the average price New Mexico is $139,900. People are flocking to this area for affordable housing, but a smart investor can either build a home and sell, or rent one out in Valencia. The rental market is broken down into the following:

* One-bedroom rentals are renting for $786 a month.

* Two bedroom rentals are renting for $967 a month.

* Three bedroom rentals are renting for $1233.

And the majority of rentals that are currently available have three bedrooms. The price continually rises, especially when you get to the five-bedroom mark where prices are over $2,000 a month. On average, the rental price in the area is $1,199, with over 764 current rental opportunities on the market today.

If your rental is pet-friendly, only 11% of the market, you’ll also be able to lure in further clients and renters. It’s the perfect opportunity for smart investor to buy land for cheap, much like some of the lots talked about earlier, and build a few rental properties the plot. Imagine having each of the four lots we discussed earlier make you $1,199 per month. With the low cost of housing, you could have houses built for cheap, and make a hefty return on your investment every month.

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