Your Guide to Buying Land in Crestline, California

Your Guide to Buying Land in Crestline, California

Your Guide to Buying Land in Crestline, California
Crestline, California has a population of 10,700 people as of the 2010 census. Situated in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, the city is 14 mi.². Just 1% of the land consists of water, with Lake Gregory Bay at the center of town.

Being in the mountains, the temperatures are cooler with the following averages:

- January features highs of 46°F with lows of 20°F; average precipitation is 6.5 inches.

- May temperatures have a 64°F average high with lows of 36°F.

- July and August are the warmest months and both have average highs of 81°F with average lows of 53°F. Precipitation during these months is zero for July and 0.2 inches in August.

You’ll experience all four seasons in Crestline, California.

The Mountain Resort Town of Crestline, California

The biggest attraction of Crestline is that it's the closest mountain resort town for the southern region of California. This attracts many tourists from the local area to come and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature that Crestline has to offer.

Lake Gregory is a hotspot for guests, offering:

* Fishing
* Swimming
* Boating

You’ll also find guests sunbathing and enjoying the many water slides in the area. Hiking and biking trails are blended in the area with many exercise stations along the way. Many fitness enthusiasts visit the area every year. The old town area is filled with unique shops and great options for dining.

While Lake Gregory Regional Park is the main tourist location, there are also several other fun and entertaining things to do in the city, such as:

* Grab a drink at the Bear Claw Saloon; a local hotspot and small-town bar. The Rim of the World Sports Bar is another great location to enjoy a little nightlife and a few drinks.

* Dine on great cuisine at one of the many restaurants in town, including:

- Chef Cindy’s Café
- Paradise Mountain coffee
- La Cocina de Tony
- Pazzo’s Italian and Pizza

And, you’ll find that most tourists and people that visit the town will rent a cabin for their stay. This is a great opportunity for rental properties in the area, and something that we will talk about shortly for anyone that is interested in investing in land.

This is a very unique city because it provides a lot of nature trails and people that simply want to come to the town to enjoy peace and quiet. Located near the southern portion of California, you’ll have many people come from nearby cities that simply want to escape the hustle and bustle of California life.

When you research the town, you realize that everybody says that Crestline offers a great small town atmosphere and is the perfect place to escape the city life. Virtually everyone that lives in the city that is a “transplant” loves living in Crestline. People will wave at you and smile, and a very unique feature of the city is that there are headlights on top of the stop signs instead of streetlights.

Real Estate in Crestline, California

We’ve done a lot of research on Crestline, California and have determined that the area has a lot of opportunity in terms of land and real estate. It’s always a great idea to conduct a little research on the area, especially in real estate.

As a tourist hotspot, you have a lot of opportunity to make money in the city – especially with rental cabins.

Based on current listings that are still on the market today, we found the following real estate prices:

* A 1,900 square foot home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms is selling for $310,000 in the city.
* A 1,400 sqft home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms on an 8,800 sqft lot is selling for $229,000.
* A 2,000 sqft home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms on a 6,200 sqft lot is selling for $344,000.

Home prices in the area may seem high, but these are very low for California as a whole. We also want to look at the historic pricing statistics in the area to determine the market direction:

* The median sale price between July 2015 and October 2015 is up 19.3% on the year, or $27,000 higher, at $167,000.
* Home prices across the board are up year on year:

- One bedroom homes are selling for 35.6% more than the average sale price of $122,000.
- Two bedroom homes are selling for 15.1% higher than the average sale price of $164,000.
- Three bedroom homes are selling 30.6% higher than the average sale price of $215,500.
- Four bedroom homes are selling for 48.1% higher than the average sale price of $237,750.

Prices in the area are going up, and land has also seen its price increase.

Land Prices in Crestline, California

Prices for land Crestline are higher, but there’s a lot of opportunity in the city. If the right investor comes along and buys the perfect lot of land, they definitely want to build rental cabins or an attraction that will make them a lot of money in the future.

You could also save the land and sell it in the future for a premium.

The following properties are on the market:

* 5,500 sq feet buildable residential lot with paved road access for $3,499.
* 6,100 sq. feet residential lot for $3,999.
* 5,300+ sq. feet with paved road access lot near Lake Gregory for $2,550.

It is not common to find massive acreage in this area. But, you can find residential lots with paved roads that are 5,000 sqft to 7000 sqft for $3,000-$5,000. These are the lots that you can build up with rental properties or homes and sell the lot for multiple times higher than your purchase price.

Crestline, CA is a paradise for Southern California simply because it is a beautiful mountain resort town. There’s a lot of great nature activities to enjoy, and the scenic view from the top of the mountains is unbeatable in the area. And, the prices for real estate of land in the area are increasing dramatically.

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