1 Acres for Sale in Concho, Arizona

1 Acres for Sale in Concho, Arizona


Sathya Mahen

Sathya Mahen

Sathya Mahen

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Upgrade Your Fun This Summer with One Acre in Concho for Just $145/Month! Adjacent Lots Available Up to Three Acres!

Why have an ordinary summer trapped in the city when you can have an extraordinary one on your OWN LAND in Concho? Leave the sweltering Phoenix heat behind and spend this summer making epic memories. Is this property right for you? You NEED this one-acre lot if:

Space for Your “Unique” Hobby 

Whether it's building a life-sized replica of Stonehenge, practicing your bagpipe skills at midnight, or perfecting your chainsaw art, you'll have all the space you need without worrying about the neighbors calling the authorities.  

Play the Ultimate Game of "Find Your Car"  

Park your car anywhere on your acre and enjoy the thrilling experience of finding it again. No more dings from parking lots—just the occasional antelope encounter.  

Unlimited Room for Conspiracy Theories  

With an acre of land, you can finally test out those DIY alien communication devices or build that underground bunker for when the robots take over. Plus, there's less chance of anyone noticing the tinfoil hats.  

Host the Ultimate BBQ

Host a BBQ for everyone you've ever met, and still have room for a slip-and-slide, cornhole, and a volleyball court. If someone doesn't bring a side dish, you won't even notice—it's that big.  

Maintain a Safe Distance for Bad Jokes  

Tell as many dad jokes as you like without fear of groans from the neighbors. With a whole acre, your puns will echo beautifully across the desert without causing anyone's eyes to roll too hard.  

Your Own Personal Stargazing Observatory  

No light pollution means you can see every star in the sky. Just remember, when you spot an alien spaceship, it's probably just a weather balloon. Or is it?  

Space for All Your “Collectibles”  

From vintage cars to garden gnomes to your uncle's old Elvis memorabilia, you'll have room to store everything. No need to worry about clutter in the house—just clutter in the yard!  

The Perfect Place for Random Acts of Weirdness  

Feel like creating a crop circle? Go for it. Want to hold a reenactment of your favorite movie scene? No problem. On your acre of land, you're free to be as weird as you like.  

A Field of Dreams for Your Dog

Your dog will love the freedom to run, dig, and explore. You might even lose them for a bit, but hey, that's why you taught them to come when called, right?  

An Escape from the In-Laws  

When the in-laws visit, there's always room for them... at the far end of the acre. Out of sight, out of mind. Just be sure to give them a compass so they can find their way back to the RV!  

Invest in a one-acre lot in Concho, Arizona, and embrace the freedom to be as eccentric, adventurous, and BBQ-happy as you want! It's not just an investment—it's a lifestyle upgrade! At this price this property will not last long, so CONTACT US TODAY to make this one yours! Need more acreage? Adjacent lots are available up to 3 acres!

GPS Coordinates: 

34.371611, -109.594611 (Center) 

34.372003, -109.593965 NE

34.371255, -109.593939 SE

34.371211, -109.595392 SW

34.371999, -109.595419 NW

Closest Major City: Mesa, Arizona (3 hr 40 min, 197 miles)

Closest Small Town: Concho, Arizona 85924 (29 min, 15.1 miles)

Closest Highways: AZ-61

Nearby Attractions: Show Low Card Game Monument, 1028 E Cooley St, Show Low, AZ 85901 (45 min, 30.8 miles)

Porter Mountain Outlook, Forest Service Rd 223, Lakeside, AZ 85929 (57 min, 40.1 miles)

Scorpion and Ant Art Hill, St Johns, AZ 85936 (48 min, 33.5 miles)

Property Details:

Address: County Rd N3514, Concho, AZ 85924

County: Apache

Size: 1 acre

Approximate Annual Taxes: $6.38 

Flood Zone/ Wetlands: Unknown FEMA FZ, no wetlands

Zoning: Agricultural General

Elevation: 6,428.2 feet

Terrain: Desert / Slope 


Legal Description: Subdivision: CONCHO LAKELAND UNIT 5 Lot: 948


Cash: $6,999 or make us an offer!

Down Payment: $219

Monthly Payment: $145

Term: 65 months

One-time non-refundable fee of $249 for document preparation and processing; $12 monthly is added for property taxes and note maintenance. 


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