207-27-304 South view
207-27-304 Powerline along access road facing north
207-27-304 Fence to the south
207-27-304 Fence to the south facing east
207-27-304 SW corner facing NE corner


207-27-304 South view
207-27-304 Powerline along access road facing north
207-27-304 Fence to the south
207-27-304 Fence to the south facing east
207-27-304 SW corner facing NE corner
207-27-304 Juniper
207-27-304 West view
207-27-304 GIS 1
207-27-304 GE Looking West
207-27-304 GE Looking North
207-27-304 GE Looking East
207-27-304 GE Looking South
207-27-304 GIS 3
207-27-304 GE Aerial 3
207-27-304 GE Aerial 1

1.06 Acres for Sale in Sanders, AZ


Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

By Owner
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Property Details

Property Description

Let's run wild and free in the untamed beauty of Arizona Park Estates! With this rugged one-acre terrain, packed with pinion junipers and cacti, you can have all your adventuring desires satisfied. And if that doesn't quench your thirst for exploration—the neighboring property is also available to make it two full acres! Don’t forget about those friendly townships nearby - ahhhhh feel that mountain air…it'll help bring them dreams of yours alive!! Ready..set.....go!!!

Saddle up your trusty steed, partner - Arizona beckons! She's the land of wide-open spaces and limitless adventures. Forget wild west shootouts; this is a place where opportunity abounds! Ya better act now if ya don't want to miss out on the chance of baggin' yourself some prime real estate…just imagine livin' those sunny days with nothin' but blue skies overhead – ain't no feelin’ quite like it in all these here parts. So c'mon ranch hand, why wait? Grab that piece o’ desert gold an let 'er rip….Yeehaw!!


STREET ADDRESS: N/A, near Sanders, AZ 86512


COUNTY: Apache County, AZ

ZIP: 86512

SIZE: 1.06 acres

LOT DIMENSIONS: 153 feet x 310 feet

APN: 207-27-304

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 642, ARIZONA PARK ESTATE UNIT ONE, according to Book 3 of Townsite Maps, Page 11, records of Apache County, Arizona.

GOOGLE MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/4iSML8M8PcTrqGmM7


NW: 35.185937, -109.341335

NE: 35.185923, -109.340822

SW: 35.185098, -109.341332

SE: 35.185082, -109.340823

ELEVATION: 5,974 feet

ANNUAL TAXES: Approx. $28 per year

ZONING: Agricultural General - No time limit to build. No restrictions on dwelling size. You can build anything for residential purposes such as Single Family, Mobile or Manufactured home.Camping & RV's are okay as well (permits required for long-term stay, more than 30 days).RV's should be at least four hundred (400) square feet, constructed to be towed on its own chassis and designed so as to be installed with or without a permanent foundation for human retail occupancy and/or dwelling residence.Camping in an RV’s must be inspected by the Planning and Zoning office to ensure all plumbing and electrical is in working order prior to application approval. It could long term as long as it was approved by the Apache Health Office.Please contact the Apache County Planning & Zoning Dept. through Devin Brown at (928) 337-7547.




ACCESS: Property can be accessed via a dirt road on the Northern portion of the lot.

WATER: Would be a well, water haul and holding tank or other similar option

SEWER: Would be by Septic

UTILITIES: The nearest power post is about 650 feet away from the lot. Power could also be by solar, wind or generator, Phone by cellular, satellite TV/Internet/Phone


The information within this listing is posted by a private or third-party seller and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information enclosed. We encourage to always verify ownership and property details listed. As a precaution, due diligence in any real estate transaction is encouraged and closing through a verified title company is advised. To the maximum extent permitted by law we do not accept any responsibility to any person for the accuracy of the information herein.

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