1.06 Acres for Sale in Concho, Arizona

1.06 Acres for Sale in Concho, Arizona


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Your Private Adventure Headquarters is This 1.06-Acre Lot in Show Low Paradise for Just $209/Month!

Do you crave a life where the great outdoors is literally at your doorstep? Where you can hike until your Fitbit runs out of battery, camp without the worry of a surprise HOA meeting, and ride ATVs without your grandma yelling at you to "Keep it down!"? Well, my friend, this 1.06-acre lot in Show Low Paradise is the answer to your adrenaline-fueled dreams!

This property is the perfect place for your adventure headquarters if you are looking for: 

Hiking Heaven: This lot is a stone's throw (or a really powerful slingshot's throw) from some of the best hiking trails in the White Mountains. Ready to conquer the Mogollon Rim? Or maybe just do a casual stroll with your dog? You can find trails for both just a short drive from this property!

Camptastic Location: Want to pitch a tent without pitching a fit over campsite rules? This lot is your ticket. Set up your campfire, toast some marshmallows, and tell ghost stories without worrying about the campground quiet hours. Access is from a county dirt road, so bring your camper! Did we mention the night skies are so clear you can practically see other galaxies?

ATV Adventureland: If you love the smell of gasoline in the morning and the sound of engines revving, this is your paradise. The Colorado Plateau is a hub for ATV trails that will make you feel like you're starring in your own off-road action movie. Just watch out for that rock—yeah, that one!

Fishing Frenzy: Who needs a grocery store when you've got lakes and rivers teeming with fish nearby? Head over to Fool Hollow Lake, and you'll be catching dinner faster than you can say "did you bring the tartar sauce?" 

Forest Bathing (Without the Weirdness): Need some serenity? Show Low is surrounded by national forests where you can walk among the pines, listen to the wind, and totally get away from it all. No need to chant or hug a tree—unless you really want to, of course. We won't judge. You can even do this on your own property with the scrubby trees that give you extra privacy!

Wildlife Wonderland: This isn't your average backyard with a squirrel or two. Around here, you've got deer, antelope, and even the occasional elk passing through. Don't worry, they're more interested in your snacks than your soul, so just keep your Cheetos secure!

Winter Fun: Snow in Arizona? You betcha! This lot is a short drive to ski resorts where you can snowboard, ski, and make snowmen that look like famous movie characters. How about a Darth Vader snowman? We hear it's all the rage.

Escape From the Mundane: Tired of the 9-to-5 grind and the brutal Phoenix valley summer heat? Show Low is the perfect escape. Out here, your morning commute is just a walk through the woods, and your office attire is whatever you woke up in. (Bonus points for pajama hiking!)

So, if you're ready to live life off the beaten path, grab this 1.06-acre lot and start planning your next adventure TODAY. Properties at this price sell FAST so contact us ASAP to learn how to make this one yours!

GPS Coordinates: 

34.36675, -109.72002 (Center) 

34.3672, -109.7198 NE

34.3663, -109.7198 SE

34.3663, -109.7203 SW

34.3672, -109.7203 NW

Closest Major City: Flagstaff, Arizona (2 hr 24 min, 149 miles)

Closest Small Town: Show Low, Arizona  (29 minutes, 21.9 miles)

Closest Highways: AZ-61

Nearby Attractions: Agate Bridge, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ 86028 (1 hour, 51.5 miles)

Petrified Forest National Park (43 min, 40.9 miles)

Rainbow Forest Museum, 6618 Petrified Forest Rd, Holbrook, AZ 86025 (47 min, 43.2 miles)

Property Details:

Address: 87 County Road 8009, Concho, AZ, 85711-1122

County: Apache

Size: 1.06 acres

Approximate Annual Taxes: $28.02 

Flood Zone/ Wetlands: Unknown FEMA FZ, no wetlands

Zoning: Agricultural General

Elevation: 6,463.3 feet

Terrain: Desert / Slope 


Legal Description: Subdivision: SHOW LOW PARADISE UNIT 1 Lot: 239


Cash: Make us an offer!

Down Payment: $209

Monthly Payment: $209

Term: 72 months

One-time non-refundable fee of $249 for document preparation and processing; $14 monthly is added for property taxes and note maintenance. 


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