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0.22 Acres for Sale in Briarcliff, AR

0.22 Acres for Sale in Briarcliff, AR


Craig Lyons

Craig Lyons

Craig Lyons

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Property Details

Property Description

This amazing 0.22 acre lot for sale in Briarcliff, Arkansas is an excellent investment. The lot is perfect, but you will need to purchase the adjacent lot from the city if you want to bring a trailer (discounted $400 total).

The adjacent lot will be similar in size. The lot has no association fees and the yearly taxes are low. The lot has paved road access, there is water and electricity throughout the city.

There are small rivers, mountains and Norfolk Lake is 10 minutes away. Mountain Home City is 15 minutes away. There is an airport, Walmart, restaurants, hotels and all services. Briarcliff City is in the jurisdiction of Baxter County near the Ozark Mountains and it has stunning views.

Norfolk Lake is near waterfront parks, resorts and RV parks. The area is known for fishing, hiking, boating, dirt bike/ATV trails and camping.

Payment Process: You must pay a $100 security deposit by PayPal. The sales contract will be forwarded to you within 24 hours. The document fee is $100

Lots may be exchanged for valid reasons but there are no cash refunds except the deposit after 48 hours.

There are several major highways leading to Mountain Home City which is near to Briarcliff. You should use GPS to help you arrive to the lot. Also, you may choose to use the airport located in Mountain Home City.

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