0.35 Acres for Sale in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

0.35 Acres for Sale in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas


Eric Conkling

Eric Conkling

Eric Conkling

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There’s nothing like having your own. Unleash your true potential and live the life you’ve always yearned for on this spacious gem situated in a convenient location just for you. The best part about this is land ownership has an infinite shelf life and can appreciate by two or three times over time. Ignite your imagination and construct the homes of your dreams in a lush paradise away from it all.

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Property Details 

APN: 800-05517-000


County: Izard 

State: AR

Subdivision/Block/Lot: GREEN BRIAR/N/A/573

Size: 0.35 acres

GPS Centre: 36°13'53.16"N,91°43'0.5"W

Road Surface: Dirt

Terrain Type: Treed, Slightly Sloped

Closest Major Cities: Horseshoe Bend, Ash Flat, Oxford.

Zoning: Residential Vacant


Cash Price: $2400 + $250 doc fee

Owner Financing: $100 down + $250 doc fee, then $100/Mo x 23 months


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