35.1 Acres for Sale in Model, Colorado

35.1 Acres for Sale in Model, Colorado


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35.10 Acres For Sale By Owner, 50 Minutes from Trinidad COLORADO $14,995

This beautifully property offers a combination of privacy, views and convenience. The parcel sits on 35.10 acres on a gently sloping terrain with views of Mule Deer passing through the area. Top it all off, this amazing property is less than five miles away from HWY 350 and 50 minutes from Trinidad with all of the restaurants, activities ( Trinidad Lake, Spanish Peaks), shopping (Supper Walmart, Grocery stores and fuel) and Las Animas county government services.

Trinidad's location at the foot of Raton Pass, along the Santa Fe Trail and Santa Fe, New Mexico, has always made it a favored route for travelers, first by foot, then horse and ox-drawn wagon, then by railroad. Today, Interstate 25, the most highly traveled route between Colorado and New Mexico, passes through Trinidad.

The local economy is currently experiencing a boom due to the towns location on the highway and its proximity to the state border. According to a news report "While the bulk of Colorado's $1.09 billion in 2017 recreational tourism occurred in the state's population hubs of Denver and Arapahoe counties, rural Las Animas County, population 14,083, led the state with its tourism small town new growth due to its proximity to New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arizona.


            NW          37.644 -104.181

               NE         37.644 -104.178

               SE          37.640 -104.178

               SW        37.639 -104.181

Q: What options are available to land owners for a water source? 

A: Most of the time you have to drill a water well. 

Q: Why are most of the properties I’ve seen around 35-acres? 

A: In 1972 Colorado law makers passed a law that required, from that point on, residents to have at least 35 acres if they wished to apply for and receive a domestic well permit. Therefore, no new parcels of less than 35 acres are allowed to drill a domestic water well without special approval.

Q: What are the general conditions of the roads, what kind of vehicle would you recommend? 

A: The highways and paved roads are well maintained all year. County graveled roads can get muddy, but not bad at all, and are actually easier to drive in the snow. Gravel gives you more traction than black top. An all wheel or four wheel drive is best for a vehicle. Anything from a Subaru to a one ton truck works fine.

Q: Can I hunt from the confines of my own property? 

A: Yes, for most parcels, you can hunt your own property and shoot targets if you like. Check with wildlife authorities for seasonal permit requirements

Q: Are there any area lakes or parks around? 

A: Yes, lots of them. About 10 parks and lakes from the eastern plains to the San Juan valley, all within two hours, and most within only 30 minutes of any property.

Q: How close are the nearest towns?

A: Pueblo is 45 minutes from Trinidad, Colorado Springs with the closest airport is 1.15 hours from Trinidad. Denver is about 3.5 hours, and Santa Fe is about 2.5 hours from Trinidad.

Q: Does it snow very often in the area, will I need snow equipment? 

A: In most years, there is little need for snow equipment. A quad with a blade works just fine, even for those once in every 3 to 4 years, one foot snow falls.

Q. How does the closing process work?

A. Its very simple, after you made your choice of which lot you like, you will pay a small deposit on our website of $499. A purchase agreement is emailed to you and then forwarded to the title company to close.

Q: What is the average elevation in the area? 

A: Average elevation for most good mountain parcels is between 4200 and 5700 feet.

Q: Are these properties private and secluded, how close will my neighbor be?  

A: Yes, all 35 acre plus tracts are private for the most part. 35 acres is a lot of ground, so throw in a ton of trees and topographical variations and you have your privacy. Most neighbors are within a quarter mile.

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