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0.36 Acres for Sale in Ocklawaha, Florida

0.36 Acres for Sale in Ocklawaha, Florida


Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

By Owner
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Property Details

Property Description

In the scenic heart of Ocklawaha, FL, lies a splendid 0.36-acre piece of land waiting to become the canvas for your dream home. This slice of paradise is more than just property; it's a potential-filled space with smooth, paved roads leading straight to it, ensuring no bumps on your journey to serenity. Specifically zoned for R1-Single Family Dwelling, this plot is perfect for those looking to build a cozy haven. However, while the thought of a quiet night under the stars sounds tempting, camping enthusiasts might need to curb their excitement, as it's not permitted here.

Considering an RV for a temporary stay during the construction phase? Absolutely! But once your beautiful home stands tall, the RV will need to find a new parking spot. Location is key, and this property doesn’t disappoint. It boasts easy access to main highways such as 15760 US-441, 15912 FL-40, and 12845 E Hwy 25. And when urban calls become irresistible, Kerr City is just a scenic 34-minute drive away (28.4 miles), while Summerfield is even closer at 24 minutes (17.0 miles).

But it’s not just about the home and roads; it's also about the experiences that lie around. Dive deep into nature and history with nearby attractions like the Silver River Museum & Environmental Education Center, a mere 27-minute journey (19.4 miles), or let loose in the sprawling beauty of the Silver Springs State Park, just 23 minutes away (18.8 miles). In conclusion, Ocklawaha isn't merely a place on a map; it's an experience, a dream, and a lifestyle. If mornings of serenity and evenings of peace sound appealing, this is where your dreams should lay their foundation.

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For a modest document fee of $249, your dream property is within arm's reach. Contact us now and grasp this golden chance.

Owner financing is available to fit your budget: $500 Down, $340/mo x 36

Cash Price: $10,999

Property Details:

  • Parcel Number: 39430-39-028
  • County: Marion
  • State: FL
  • Subdivision/Block/Lot: WOODS & LAKES BLK 39 LOT 28
  • Nearest Town: Kerr City (28.4 miles 34 mins), Summerfield (17.0 miles 24mins)
  • Closest Address: Silver River Museum & Environmental Education Center (27 mins, 19.4 miles), Silver Springs State Park (23 mins, 18.8 miles)
  • Zip Code: 32179
  • Parcel Size: 0.36
  • Property Taxes: $100
  • Access Road: Paved
  • Road Surface Type: Plain
  • Road Maintenance: County
  • General Elevation: 30.9 m or 101.4 feet
  • Terrain: Flat
  • Closest Highways: 15760 US-441, 15912 FL-40, 12845 E Hwy 25
  • Nearby Towns: Kerr City (28.4 miles 34 mins), Summerfield (17.0 miles 24mins)
  • Nearby Attractions: Silver River Museum & Environmental Education Center (27 mins, 19.4 miles), Silver Springs State Park (23 mins, 18.8 miles)
  • Zoning: R1-Single Family Dwelling
  • Tent Camping: Camping is not allowed.
  • RV: RV is only allowed during the building of the property. Long-
  • term parking of RV is not permitted.
  • Mobile Home: No Mobile homes allowed.
  • Water: Wells you have to install.
  • Sewage: Septic you have to install.
  • Power:
  • Pat Myers Electric LLC
  • Phone: +1 352-816-4221
  • Veteran Electric of Florida LLC
  • Phone: +1 352-289-4446
  • Gas: Propane and diesel.
  • Waste: County would collect garbage or the local waste collection
  • system.
  • Property H.O.A.: N/A
  • How To See The Land: ://goo.gl/maps/AaAYceHK5727P9Am6

Enter any of these G.P.S. coordinates in your favourite maps software to find it. See below for approximate coordinates:

  • GPS Center: Latitude: 29.126087 Longitude: -81.867793
  • GPS NW: 29°07'34.8"N 81°52'03.2"W
  • GPS NE: 29°07'33.8"N 81°52'04.9"W
  • GPS SE: 29°07'34.1"N 81°52'02.8"W
  • GPS SW: 29°07'33.1"N 81°52'04.6"W

Disclaimer: The photo is an example of the surrounding area and may not be of this specific property.

Disclaimer From LandCentury

The information within this listing is posted by a private or third-party seller, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information enclosed. We encourage you always to verify ownership and property details listed. As a precaution, due diligence in any real estate transaction is encouraged, and closing through a verified title company is advised. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we do not accept any responsibility to any person for the accuracy of the information herein.

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