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1.29 Acres for Sale in Interlachen, Florida

1.29 Acres for Sale in Interlachen, Florida


Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

By Owner
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Property Details

Property Description

Grab your sunnies and strut your stuff, because HELLO, Florida! We've snagged the glitziest gem smack dab in the heart of Interlachen, FL, and honey, it's calling YOUR name! Stroll on in and discover not one, but TWO dazzling parcels of pure Floridian glitz. Whether you're feeling a .43-acre flirt or a .86-acre drama queen, we've got the sparkle you crave.

Dreaming of double the fun? Well, dream no more! These lots are zoned R-2 RESIDENTIAL, TWO-FAMILY. So, why settle for one when you can have twice the glitz? Tent camping? Oh, honey, leave that for the basics. We're serving you a lifetime of fabulous. Got an RV or a chic utility trailer? Park them with pride! Just remember, darling, they've got to play by the rules and stick to the setback. And, wink, mobile homes? They're not just a yes; they're a "Heck, YAS!"

Dust off that bedazzler, because it's time for a little DIY magic. We're talking well water and septic systems. But hey, a diva can handle it, right?

Feeling fancy? Pop over to Hampton, Grandin, or Banana and let your hair down. It's a cocktail of Florida vibes, just waiting for a sip! But if lounging's more your style, Collins Lakeside Hideaway is just around the corner. And for those who can't resist sandy toes, Keystone Beach/Geneva Jungle will have you beach-ready in no time. With major highways like 6072 Hwy 17 and 152 Hwy 17 as your runway, your next escapade is just a swish away. So, ready to live the dream? Come on down, and let's make magic!

Ready to live the dream even quicker? Cash is your magic wand here! Pay in cash and watch doors swing wide open for you. So, grab that sparkle and contact us now! Let's come on down and conjure up some magic together!

Cash Price: $27,980

Property Details:

  • Parcel Number: 25-09-24-4075-0960-0030 and -0010
  • County: Putnam
  • State: FL
  • Subdivision/Block/Lot: Interlachen Lakes Estates 96 / 1 2
  • Nearest Town: Hampton, Florida 32044 (32mins, 26.4 miles) Grandin, Florida 32666
  • (12mins, 8.5 miles) Banana, Florida 32640 (24mins, 18.5 miles)
  • Closest Address: 1403 Kin St, Interlachen, FL
  • Zip Code: 32148
  • Parcel Size: 0.43 and .86
  • Property Taxes: Approximately $100/year
  • Access Road: Paved
  • Road Surface Type: Rough
  • Road Maintenance: County
  • General Elevation: 47.0 m or 154.2 feet
  • Terrain: Plain
  • Closest Highways: 6072 Hwy 17, 152 Hwy 17
  • Nearby Attractions: Collins Lakeside Hideway (9mins, 4.0 miles), Keystone Beach/Geneva Jungle (17.0miles, 23 mins)
  • Tent Camping: Camping is not allowed.
  • RV: In residential zoning classifications, RV’S and utility trailers are required to be parked behind or beside the dwelling unit. They must set back from the property lines per the required setback for the zoning district.
  • Mobile Home: Yes, allowed.
  • Water: Well will need to be installed.
  • Sewage: Septic will need to be installed.
  • Power: DB Electrical Services Phone: (386) 546-6297
  • Sharp Electric Phone: (904) 237-1873
  • Gas: Propane and diesel.
  • Waste: County would collect garbage or the local waste collection system.
  • Property H.O.A.: No HOA

How To See The Land: ://

Enter any of these G.P.S. coordinates in your favourite maps software to find it. See below for approximate coordinates:

GPS Center: Latitude: 29.68227 Longitude: -81.85939

  • GPS NW: 29°40'56.9"N 81°51'34.5"W
  • GPS NE: 29°40'56.9"N 81°51'34.5"W
  • GPS SE: 29°40'55.5"N 81°51'33.1"W
  • GPS SW: 29°40'55.5"N 81°51'34.5"W

Piece of Land, LLC - Email: - Call: 321-336-0320


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