0.15 Acres for Sale in Indianola, Mississippi

0.15 Acres for Sale in Indianola, Mississippi


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John Liah

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🌟 Discover Your Delta Dream in Indianola, Mississippi! 🌟

Are you ready to experience the quintessential charm of the Mississippi Delta region? Look no further! We have an exceptional opportunity for you in the heart of Indianola, the jewel of the Delta.

🏑 Welcome to the Perfect Infill Lot 🏑

🎢 Musical Heritage: Indianola is where the legendary blues artist B.B. King was born, and you can embrace the soulful rhythm of the Delta right in your backyard. Immerse yourself in the sweet melodies and vibrant culture that have defined this region.

πŸ” Culinary Delights: The Delta is known for its mouthwatering Southern cuisine. Savor delicious soul food, catfish, and Mississippi's famous tamales at local eateries that will leave your taste buds tingling.

🌞 Southern Hospitality: Indianola is a place where neighbors greet you with warm smiles and hospitality is a way of life. The community here is like no other, creating a sense of belonging that will make you feel at home from day one.

πŸš— Strategic Location: Indianola is conveniently situated, making it the ideal choice for those looking to move from Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, or Tennessee. It's just a short drive away from major cities, yet far enough to escape the hustle and bustle.

🏫 Quality Education: Indianola offers excellent educational opportunities, ensuring your children have access to quality schools and a bright future.

πŸ† Affordable Living: The cost of living in Indianola is remarkably lower than many neighboring states, allowing you to live comfortably and invest in your dreams.

πŸŒ… The Delta Beckons You! πŸŒ…

Seize this rare opportunity to own your piece of the Mississippi Delta. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retirement spot, a family-friendly environment, or a thriving new community, Indianola offers it all.

Don't wait! Join the many who have already discovered the magic of Indianola, and let the Delta's allure sweep you off your feet. Embrace the warmth, history, and culture that Indianola has to offer. Your Delta dream awaits.

Call us now to make this infill lot your own and embark on a journey to the heart of the Mississippi Delta. It's time to turn your dreams into reality! πŸ πŸŒΎπŸŽΆπŸ”πŸŒžπŸ«πŸ†πŸŒ…

Assessor’s Parcel Number: 103C-06-02-031.00

Property Address: 633 Chandler St, Indianola, MS 38751, USA

Size : 0.10 Acres

Price: $2,000

Seller Financing Available, No Credit Checks, No Prepayment Penalties, 100% Approval Rate.

First Option: $200 Down and $200 for 19 months 

Second Option: $175 Down and $175 for 22 months

Third Option: $150 Down and $150 for 25 months

Fourth Option: $125 Down and for 31 months

Documentation Fees: $210

GPS Coordinates( Approximate): 33.444772, -90.646120 ( Centre Coordinates) 

33.445, -90.6462

33.445, -90.6461

33.4446, -90.6461

33.4446, -90.6462

Power: Yes( Needs to be connected) - (662) 887-1652

Water: Yes ( Needs To be Connected) - Call (662) 887-3102

Sewer: Yes ( Need to be Connected) - (662) 332-1279

Zoning and Planning:    (662) 887-2358

Property Use Code: R1-B ( Residential)

Roads Access: Paved

Terrain: Flat

HOA/POA Fees: None

Title Conveyance: Special Warranty Deed.

Nearest City: 

  1. Des Moines, Iowa - Approximately 120 miles (195 kilometers) to the north.
  2. Iowa City, Iowa - Approximately 125 miles (201 kilometers) to the east.
  3. Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Approximately 152 miles (245 kilometers) to the northeast.
  4. Omaha, Nebraska - Approximately 155 miles (250 kilometers) to the west.
  5. Kansas City, Missouri - Approximately 192 miles (309 kilometers) to the south.
  6. St. Louis, Missouri - Approximately 290 miles (467 kilometers) to the southeast.
  7. Minneapolis, Minnesota - Approximately 240 miles (386 kilometers) to the north.
  8. Chicago, Illinois - Approximately 335 miles (539 kilometers) to the east.
  9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Approximately 365 miles (587 kilometers) to the northeast.
  10. Springfield, Illinois - Approximately 280 miles (451 kilometers) to the east.

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