0.11 Acres for Sale in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

0.11 Acres for Sale in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


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Unlock the door to your dreams in Hancock, Mississippi, where this 0.11-acre gem isn't just a property; it's the starting point for your family's adventures. Imagine the joy of building your family home on this charming 0.11-acre plot – a place where laughter echoes in the halls, and memories are etched into the very soil beneath your feet. This isn't just land; it's your chance for a life well-lived. Located a mere 8 minutes from Bayou Lacroix, your new property is a gateway to serene waters and outdoor escapades. Picture weekends spent by the bayou, creating a haven for your family surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Hancock.

Hancock offers more than just a place to live; it's a community rich in culture and charm. Explore the vibrant Fishbone Alley, a hub of art and entertainment, and cruise the picturesque MS Gulf Coast Scenic Byways for scenic family drives. Say goodbye to daunting down payments! This property offers a low down payment of just $200, making homeownership a breeze. Monthly payments? A mere $95 – less than your favorite family night out! This is your chance to invest in your family's future without breaking the bank. So, what ae you waiting for? Send a message today for more info.

Property Address: Hancock County, Mississippi

Property APN: 138C-0-293.000

Property Size: 0.11 acres

Terrain: Flat, treed

Access: Dirt road

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

HOA Fees: None

Taxes: Approximately $17.25 per year


Cash Price: $3,500.00 plus $249.00 doc fee.

Owner Financing: $200.00 down plus $249.00 document fee and $95 for 36 - months

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

NW: 30°19'12.36"N, 89°23'55.17"W

NE: 30°19'12.38"N, 89°23'54.65"W

SE: 30°19'11.50"N, 89°23'54.64"W

SW: 30°19'11.49"N, 89°23'55.15"W

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