20 Acres for Sale in Montello, Nevada

20 Acres for Sale in Montello, Nevada


JG Land Ventures

JG Land Ventures

JG Land Ventures

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Owner Financing Terms: $300 down $285/mo for 72 months

Rediscover the joy of living with this prodigious 20-acre vacant land nestled within the natural wonderland of Elko County, NV. Escape the city's clatter, embrace the symphony of the wilderness and tap into the freedom that comes with owning your piece of heaven. Imagine Friday night under a starlit canopy just a few paces from your RV, waking up to spectacular mountain view panoramas and the thrill of ATV rides across your vast playground. Breathe in the crisp, soothing air before setting off for a stirring day at the nearby Shoshone Falls Park or a fascinating visit to the Historic Wendover Airfield Museum.

Experience a weekend getaway elevated to an otherworldly living experience where your family and friends join you in the pursuit of life's simplest pleasures. Unplug from the world's chaos, immerse completely in raw, untouched nature and allow the magic of the outdoors to rejuvenate your soul. The excitement of visiting Twin Falls City Park, exploring the magnificence of the Perrine Memorial Bridge or simply lounging by the peaceful Dierkes Lake Park–all within your reach– gives an extra edge to your retreat.

Escape the ordinary. Embrace extraordinary. Indulge in the symphony of nature and find your inner peace at this splendid 20-acre land in Elko Country, NV. Take charge of your recreational weekends, create timeless memories and experiences. Don't let slip this golden chance to shape the narrative of your weekends on your terms. Reach out now for more details, because owning this property is not just a choice, it's the path to mental peace and overall well-being you can't afford to miss.


Cash Price: $16499

Owner Financing: $300 down $285/mo for 72 months

Doc Fee: $199 (due with down payment - non refundable)

Additional Monthly Fees: Prorated property taxes and $10 monthly note processing fee


Property Address: Church Rd Wells, NV 89835

Property APN: 010-58P-022

Size: 20 acres

Terrain: Flat, Plain, Desert

Access Road Surface: Dirt

Conveyance: Grant, Bargain, and Sale Deed

HOA Fees: None in the region.

Annual Taxes: $42.02

Power: Contact Wells Rural Electrical or NV Electric at (775) 752-3328/ (702) 402-5555.

Water: Build a well. Contact Nevada Division of Water Resources at (775) 684-2800.

Sewer/Septic: Septic. Contact Nevada Division of Health at (775) 684-5920.

Gas: No gas lines. Use propane. Contact Propane of Wendover Inc at (775) 664-2291.

Waste: Contact Elko Sanitation at 775-738-3771.

Camping: Camping is allowed for 28 days at a time.

Types of Homes Allowed: House

Nearby Attractions: Shoshone Falls Park, Historic Wendover Airfield Museum, Twin

Falls City Park, Perrine Memorial Bridge, Dierkes Lake Park.

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