Land Details

  • LC-2003-289829
  • Lot Size: 2 acres
  • Cash Sale: $100,000
  • Liberty Road, Ashley, OH 43003
  • Deed Type: Special Warranty Deed
  • Parcel: 15
  • GPS: 40.40895, -82.955461 Open in Google Maps
Listing Description
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  • Zoning: Mobile Home
  • Road Access: Verify with the county
  • Utilities: City utilities available
  • Legal Description: This is a HUD Home that the government's Department of Housing and Urban Development foreclosed on after the original owner stopped making payments. This home is sold via an auction process whereby the highest bidder wins the home, but usually at prices affordable for lower-income families. Owner-occupants are given preference before investors. The list price is provided but any reasonable bid may be submitted. All bids must be issued through a registered HUD agent.
  • Taxes: 500
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