120 acres for sale in beautiful Sierra Blanca, TX

120 acres for sale in beautiful Sierra Blanca, TX

120 acres for sale in beautiful Sierra Blanca, TX

Have you ever imagine yourself in the role of Texas cowboy in popular western movie? Where is just you, desert and wild nature? Or you were dreaming of build your own big rancho with wild horses and cows? Or you just want to move and live off the grid, enjoying the freedom, nature, weather.  We know where you can find it all! Sierra Blanca - fabulous place with a spirit of wild life. Imagine, that you will be able to watch that famous breathtaking Texas sunsets everyday! Invest today! No time to wait!!

Rent an ATV Off-Road Adventures in Sierra Blanca to feel desert`s atmosphere on your own, or visit a Mexican food restaurants (I will reveal a secret of local inhabitants, but in Sierra Blanca you will find the most tasty tacos in Texas).

Sierra Blanca is located in northeast of the Mexican border and is within the Mountain Time Zone. As of the 2010 census, the population was 553. Beautiful view of mountains and wild nature can create a special atmosphere which you will not find anywhere else

We have a beneficial offer specially for you! 120 acres with no special zoning for sale! It is located just 9.5 miles away from east Sierra Blanca. Easements running north-south through the tracts. The tract lie a short distance from the center of Sierra Blanca and Interstate Highway 10, providing daily needs and access to El Paso, the largest city in West Texas.

GPS Coordinates: 31.192527, -105.167638

Legal Description: NW4 NE4 40 ACRES, NE4 NE4 40 ACRES, SW4 NE4 40 ACRES, SECTION 10 BLOCK 57 PSL

120 acres include 3 sections of 40 acres each, you can divide it as you wish and use for example one section for ranch of your dreams, second - for your own gorgeous house in Texas prairie, third - to cultivate some unique plants.

Parcel Number: 104687, 104688, 104690

Taxes: $300. For additional information please contact County Treasurer. Phone number: (915) 369-2331

You can also divide each section in four 10 acres piece and it could be a perfect offer for development project. Build your own hotel in wild and breathtaking desert. Let your guests enjoy fabulous sunsets and sunrises. You know that who saw Texas sunset once, will remember it for life. Or start preserving wild horses or cows which will be a perfect investment for life. They will never let you be lonely or bored.

The lot is located approximately 1 hour away from the Sierra Blanca Downtown where you can find all that you need such as bank, hospital, police office, gas stations, restaurants, parks and shops.

The nearest schools include Sierra Blanca School, Van Horn School and Fort Hancock High School.

Approximately 18 miles to "Michael Restaurant" from the lot. Are you hungry or just want to spend weekend with your family? You have a good place to visit.

Catch the opportunity to buy this beautiful land! No time to wait!



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