Blanca, Colorado Acreage and Residential Lots


Created on Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Updated on Monday, February 26, 2018
by Land Century

There’s a story that says you can see a different view with every turn of your head. The historic ambiance of Blanca is enhanced with water, mountains and wildlife. You might feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere, but the San Luis Valley of central Colorado is anything but abandoned.


Blanca was born as the result of a creative marketing technique in 1908. Contracts promising water rights and five acres of land were sold for one-hundred and fifty dollars. Monthly payments were accepted, and each client was promised a chance to win a lottery that would give them 640 acres. People loaded up there wagons, hitched up their horses and headed to the land of promise. Nearly seven thousand contracts were sold, and over four thousand people showed up for the lottery drawing in 1908. With great pride, a flag was plunged into the ground, and the town was named Blanca.

The streets were wide enough to turn a horse drawn wagon around and still are. Main Street is huge, and a few of the original shops still remain, along with new structures. There is clearly a Hispanic flavor to some of the buildings.


This little place has the most diverse economic structures in any city. Several private businesses, some industrial, and a broad selection of agricultural choices-from corn to marijuana farms are incorporated. The land is fertile and perfect for growing almost anything like hay, which is a standard crop, but not the most lucrative. They also grow marijuana here, and as long as you don’t sample it, the profit is huge.

There is a potato processing plant as well as cattle ranching. The general area is noted for technological advances and scientific research. There is also a food processing plant and a couple businesses that transport equipment to areas in need.


Well, of course, all outdoor activities are a given. One that may surprise you is the Colorado Gator farm where these prehistoric looking creatures bathe in spring fed waters with an average temperature of 87 degrees. While you’re heading west from Blanca make a stop at Kit Carson’s well preserved Fort Garland for a short history tour then swing by Zapata falls about thirty minutes away in Mosca. If you plan to visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park go in the early evening. The Moonlight plays upon the dunes and it’s a beautiful experience.

If you simply want a quiet, calming experience you only need to sit outside and gaze at Mount Blanca, the fourth highest mountain in Colorado. The majestic white topped mountain offers onlookers a sense of serenity- it would be a perfect surrounding for those who like to meditate.

Hunting and Fishing

Fishing is abundant in all four reservoirs and the species range from trout, bass to pike and a few others. You could stock up for the winter with no problem.  Just keep watch for the bears and coyotes. There will often be herds of elk and antelope grazing in local fields and bighorn sheep on the mountains.

This is an exciting place to vacation, but like most vacation spots, it’s even better to live here and there is land available for very reasonable cash prices.

On Manitoba Springs Road there is five acres up for sale. It is already zoned for residential, has electricity nearby and has a hard surfaced road. The road is a huge plus – you won’t have to use a forerunner to get to your property. The electricity being close at hand also reduces initial costs significantly. Owner has a warranty deed, which is a guarantee that the land is free and clear to sell, and that he is the rightful person to sell it.

The potential for this land is infinite. You can divide it into single acres and resell it for a profit or build your dream home and grow crop for medical programs. Consider investing enough to start a business like a skate board park, a four wheeling club or just build enough  little cabins to support  one of a kind fish camp rentals. Not interested in too much work? Then contemplate another possibility which is to build a small home and rent it out to tourists for unique vacations.

The total price is right at five thousand dollars. There is a onetime additional fee which includes listing and mailing fees, all closing costs and document preparation expenditures.  A major airport is close by so fly out there, take a look around and if interested just give us call.
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