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Horseshoe Bend Arkansas Properties and Land

Living life in the Ozarks couldn’t get any better, it’s like they were grown with one purpose in mind. Fun, relaxation, and- or retirement. Step outside and take a big breath of the cleanest air in the country, now open your eyes and try to digest the magnificent view surrounding you at Horseshoe Bend. What’s in a Name? Sometimes a city is named after the person who discovered it, but in this case it is named after the elements that attract us all to the region, nature. The Strawberry River has a bend that is the shape of a horseshoe, and thus the title remains. The town is well known for historic battles between Indian tribes and the ‘white man’. There were three battles in the 1800’s and included the infamous “trail of tears”. One look and you can understand why everyone wanted this land, valleys that twist into rolling hills and speckled with numerous waterways. Climate A temperate, tropical climate in the Ozarks isn’t what you would expect in the Ozarks. However, the summers are warm and dry, and the winters are mild with just a few enough snow to decorate the land in white. Seasons bring the changing of the leaves during spring and fall, and these seasons are extended beyond the average. It is a magical place to be. The Conveniences Planning to move to an unfamiliar area may cause concern about certain aspects. However, this community has it all. Crime rates are less than half of the rest of the country, the cost of living is twenty percent below the national average and the population is stable and currently growing. Main shopping is only thirty minutes away to Cherokee Village and Little Rock. Other major cities are a day trip of eight to ten hours with destinations like Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City and New Orleans for a few. It seems to be in the center with roads to everywhere. But in case the drive is too long, Horseshoe has its own airstrip! Recreational Amenities You may get the impression of a sleepy little boring place to live – but far from it. There are more outdoor activities here than can be listed without boasting. A fishing enthusiast may need to schedule as there are so many choices to bring home the big one. Crown Lake is over 600 acres, then the Strawberry River and the Spring River, not to mention the fully stocked Lake Vagabond with crystal clear water. These are only a few of the selections existing. There is plenty of room to have water sports engaging simultaneously without scaring off the abundant Saugeye. There is also a marina nearby for those who want to cruise the waters pontoon style, the rental rates are very reasonable but get there early- they are busy. There are two golf courses, at least six swimming pools, recreational areas and parks for picnics. Play areas are everywhere for young and old alike. Who Wouldn’t Want to Live Here? It is unimaginable that a residential lot is on the market. It isn’t in a flood zone, and the leveled lot is in ready to build condition. Property taxes are ridiculously low. There are no HOA fees; it isn’t landlocked, and all utilities are either present or close by. There are no time limits to build and it has frontage road access that the city will improve with the initiation of the building permit. You probably figure the price is outrageous, or the location isn’t the best. Wrong on both points, it sits in the foothills of the Ozarks and the total package is 1500.00. We did our homework and can’t find one negative with this property: check it out here.